Meaning : Muscle Tissue

System carrier : The Muscular System

Action :  LEPANA (BINDING) The function of Mamsa Dhatu is binding. Muscles are like a gelatinous covering and give strength to the basic body’s frame. When Mamsa Dhatu is deficient, one lacks cohesion and integrity of body structure. When it is sufficient quantity, courage, confidence and strength along with the capacity of openness, forgiveness and happiness comes. The word “Mamsa” comes from the word ‘Mam” which means to “Hold Firm”.

Originates from : Ligaments & Skin

Waste Product – Excreta from Ears, Eyes, Mouth, Nose & Roots of hair

Cause of Mamsa Dhatu Disorders


  1. Unhealthy food combinations,
  2. Insufficient of excess Protein intake,
  3. Heavy Acidic foods like Meat & Dairy products,
  4. Over or Under eating,

BODY – Daytime Sleeping,

  1. Lack of Sleep or Rest,
  2. Excessive or Insufficient Physical Exercise,
  3. Physical Trauma,
  4. Liver Imbalances & Diseases,
  5. Typhoid,
  6. Tuberculosis,


  1. Emotional Stress,
  2. Stressed & Uneasy.

Symptoms of Mamsa Dhatu Disorders


  1. Fibrocystic changes in the Breasts,
  2. Enlarged Lips,
  3. Enlarged Cheeks & Tongue,
  4. Uterine Fybroids,
  5. Muscle Flaccidity
  6. Muscle Hypertrophy,
  7. Undue growth of Muscle,
  8. Fibromas & Myomas.


  1. Craving for Proteins,
  2. Emaciation,
  3. Dislocation of joints,
  4. Fatigue,
  5. Loss of Muscle power,
  6. Muscle Rigidity,
  7. Atrophy,
  8. Wasting of Muscles.


  1. Muscular Tics,
  2. Spasm,
  3. Muscular Weakness,
  4. Fatigue,
  5. Improper Coordination,
  6. Muscle Twitching,
  7. Muscular Atrophy


  1. Tendonitis,
  2. Muscular Rheumatism
  3. Fibromyalgia,
  4. Multiple boils,
  5. Haemorrhoids,
  6. Piles,
  7. Cough,
  8. Irritation in the Throat,
  9. Snoring


  1. Benign Tumors,
  2. Muscle Tumors,
  3. Muscular Hypertrophy,
  4. Hypertrophy

Mamsa Dhatu Balancing Recommendations

Factors that Disturb the Dhatu

  1. Old & leftover foods,
  2. Cheese Cold foods & Ice creams,
  3. Impure & old meat,
  4. Over eating,
  5. Deep fried foods,
  6. Cold drinks,
  7. Eating meat or cheese late in the day.

Lifestyle & Dietary factors to favour balance of Dhatu

  1. Yoga, Stretching & other light exercises,
  2.  Vegetarian diet,
  3. Amla Berry preparations,
  4. Eat 1 – 2 Dates a day,
  5. Strictly avoid Red Meat, Pork & Cheese.

Treatment Herbs – Mustard, Cinnamon, Shatavari, Valerian, Jatamamsi, Bala + Ashwagandha

Other Treatments – For treating Muscular pain, herbs oils like Mustard & Cinnamon should be used. If the pain is due to high Pitta, tonifying herbs like Shatavari & oils like Maha Narayana oil should be used. If the problem due to Vata that is increased due to obstruction is present, then oils like Vishgarbha should be used. For treating Muscular Tumors, the digestive fire of the muscle tissue (Mamsavah Agni) should be improved by using herbs like Ashwagandha. If it is not important to eliminate Muscle tumors by these means, then Agnikarma, cauterisation is beneficial.

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