The article on what is Nadi Pariksha is already featuring on my blog. This is not a continuation of that article.

The aim of writing this article is to rule out any or all “so called practioners” as Nadi Vaidyas who takes undue advantage of the ignorance of general public.

As has happened with Yoga, all and sundry have entered the field to teach it. The gullible public has been lapping it up in the greed to get a quick fix to good health. The result is a million versions of Yoga which have emerged out of personal ideologies and styles that have suited one’s convenience and limited understanding. Nadi Pariksha should not land up in similar tragedies. It seems to be proceeding towards one…

A lot of schools who preach spiritual teaching have emerged as Ayurvedic centres and these centres have begun to teach Nadi Pariksha. Students are being churned out by the dozens and this has become a rage. Such irresponsible acts need to be condemned.

Nadi Pariksha is a very powerfully intuitive tool, a Siddha technique that is passed on from a Guru to a disciple over the years, on a one-to-one basis with careful nurturing. It is not only about Ayurvedic principles but goes way beyond into the realms of one’s consciousness merging into the consciousness of the individual getting the Nadi Pariksha done.

Time is of great essence while conducting the Nadi Pariksha. Today, Nadi Pariksha is found to be conducted across the day. Such acts only bring about wrong diagnosis or partially correct interpretations that can prove detrimental to a patient’s health.

It is very important to understand that a patient comes with a huge amount of faith and belief in this ancient diagnostic method after having experimented with other evolving sciences. But when he is subjected to a Nadi Pariksha (the rules of which he is not aware), he blindly accepts it as a guidance for getting Good Health. And when medication is prescribed along with this faulty diagnosis, he loses faith in a short span of time….

Nadi Pariksha was expounded by a lot of rishis who were mainly Siddhas. A lot of secrecy is involved in its teachings. This is because of the profoundness of the knowledge clubbed with its intensity and depth which cannot be understood by one and all. The verses are so written that interpretations can get badly skewed when seen from a superficial level. One needs to be guided to meditate on its deeper meaning which has a huge spiritual significance. Also, revelations cannot be personalized to one’s limited understanding. The implications of these revelations are revelaed to one in higher states of Cosmic Consciousness. Therefore, a guidance of a Guru to understand its true esotric meaning is of utmost importance.

My articles which will follow will carry the experiences and teaching that I underwent with my late Guru for over 5 years in a gurukulam. Each day was a day dedicated to learning from nature, through reading the scriptures to walking the fields, experiences through the senses and allowing the experience to go beyond the intellect into higher realms of consciousness. Each day was a day of revelation and celebration in his grace and glory. Such profound experiences can only be had with total surrender to one’s Guru and to Lord Shiva and Murugan without whose grace, learning this science is not possible….

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