We all want good health. But we only think of a doctor when we are sick. We are willing to medicate ourselves, consume tablets and give ourselves a feeling of wellness. But are we really healthy?

It’s so typical. We are told we will be well. The temporary effects of medicine makes us feel good. We forget to ask ourselves – What did I do wrong? Why did I fall sick? Where did I go wrong?

It’s high time we give ourselves a good life, good health and happiness rather then seeking a feeling of wellness temporarily. Let us look at 5 basic rules of wellness.


Wake up earlyI have been saying this to all my clients. I keep hearing from them that they woke up early, but they slept late. Sleep deprivation makes your body sick day after day. Sleeping late makes your body more acidic and leads to more tissue damage. It makes the body age faster, reduces energy levels and heightens metabolic activity.

When you wake up early after a late night, the body’s capacity to heal is very low causing excessive tissue damage. Moreover, lymphatic circulation becomes low leading to circulatory disorders like cramps, pins and needles. Low sugar metabolism also happens. Unfortunately, doctors treat this as a diabetic condition and make patients insulin dependent.
Patients become diabetic not knowing the pitfalls of such treatments.


This is the healthiest habit which supports good health. Healing happens here automatically. The digestive system gets enough time to digest food. It’s very Important and necessary to finish your supper / dinner within an hour after sunset, or before 7.30 pm. The sunset time is an average time taken considering time zones worldwide.

By eating early, you sleep virtually on an empty stomach, considering you go to sleep by 9.45 pm. When you awaken in the morning, going for a walk on an empty stomach helps the body metabolise the fat to generate energy. This helps to keep your weight in check. Also, all the toxins in the stomach and intestines are destroyed as the acids released early morning are strong. Your immunity goes up.

On the contrary, munching on food at unearthly hours, because you stay awake and feel hungry causes indigestion, acidity, blood pressure, obesity etc.


It is very important to consume water. Our body is 75% water. So it’s important to replenish it to hydrate our tissues and maintain the alkaline balance in the body. Maintaining the consistency and viscosity of blood is very important and this is done by consuming good quantities of water.

Water should be consumed only half an hour after consuming any meal. This helps in maintaining the digestive fire. Water consumed half an hour after food helps in aiding digestion. Water should not be consumed just before going to bed. It should be consumed one hour before. This helps you in having a sound, undisturbed sleep.

If you drink water just before you go to bed, you are woken up in the middle of the night to pass urine. This disturbed sleep pattern is not healthy for the body.


Sweets should be consumed only 1 hour after consuming any food. This includes, fruits, sweets, fruit beverages, aerated drinks etc. This is essential because excess of sweets make the body acidic. Sweets in general also make the digestion slow by increasing the secretion of mucous. This leads to weight gain too.

Consumption of sweets soon after food also reduces the digestive fire. So toxins are increased in the body. The fat accumulation in tissues makes lymphatic drainage poor leading to circulatory disorders. Also lethargy sets in because of low metabolic activity so the body becomes dull. Mind also looses its sharpness.


We often end up doing another activity contrary to what our body expresses as its natural desire for survival and health. The following examples will help you understand it;

When we visit the toilet to pass stools, we read a newspaper or watch the mobile screen. This distracts the body’s urge to cleanse itself as the mind is excited in something else. The defecation process is incomplete leading to accumulation of waste in the body. The channels are blocked and this leads to build up of toxins leading to ailments in the body.
Watching TV, mobile or having a working lunch are all bad. These activities distract your mind from participating in the consumption of food. The partial breakdown of food in the mouth because of insufficient chewing of food leads to malabsorption. Build up of gases and excess acid leads to digestive disorders and ailments.
Sleep gets disturbed as we stay awake late to watch soaps and other programmes. We also disturb the mind which is getting ready to sleep with conflicting, heightened emotional signals. As the sleep get disturbed, we become restless. Also, an agitated mind agitates nerves and the circulatory system. All Heart, Kidney, Liver Gall Bladder and Pancreas related problems arise because of this habit. Early sleeping helps in calming the mind, gives adequate rest, repairs tissues and balances the energies in the body leading to a positive mindset and healthy and happy living.

Hope you change your mind today and change your lifestyle. Eat healthy, Live Healthy, Stay Happy 🙂


  • Ganesh
    Posted September 10, 2018 2:55 am 0Likes

    Namaste sir,
    Thank you for reminding the importance of right habits.
    Will do and also share.

  • Vishnu Dharniya
    Posted December 20, 2018 8:14 pm 0Likes

    Thanks again sir

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