1. Get up from the side of the nostril that is open and place that foot down on the ground. In the science of “Swara Shastra” and “Swara Yoga” ( a major part of my practice to successfully perform Nadi Pariksha), this indicates the following;

a. The flow of energy channels
b. The indication of the channels for good health called as “Srotas” in Ayurveda
c. The indication of the balance between the body and Mind
d. The psycho-physiological health of your being.

2. Think of the divine and show gratitude for what you are as of today.
3. Recognise consciously of what you have
4. Thank you family for being your support and your friends and well wishers for being there for you always.
5. Definitely, please pray for world peace “Loka samastaa sukhino bhavantu”


1. After you brush your teeth, gargle your mouth with 1 tablespoon of Til (Sesame oil). This helps in pulling out all forms of toxins from your mouth and throat.

2. Use non-flouride toothpastes. Ayurvedic toothpastes are good. I do not recommend this as I am a Nadi Siddha Vaidya but because fluoride is known to damage brain cells (Please go through the web for more details).

3. Use tongue cleaner definitely. This takes out all the residue of post-digestive mucus and other undigested matter on the tongue.

4. Drink 2-3 glasses of warm salt water with 2-3 pinches of Rock salt. This helps in the following ways;

a. Salt water is mildly laxative in nature
b. Salt water softens stools
c. Salt water dissolves the excess mucous membranes that could prevent absorption of food, both in the stomach and the small intestines
d. Salt water opens energy channels
e. Salt water is an anti bacterial


1. Drink at least 2-2.5 litres of water every day. Split this quantity of water in equal intervals throughout the day. The body keeps dehydrating

2. Do not drink water with food or immediately after food. Drink after 1/2 an hour.
3. You may consume 1/2 a glass of water 10 minutes before food, only if necessary
4. Do not drink water just before you go to bed. This will wake you up within 2 hours of sleeping. And if you resist this, Apana Vayu gets reversed and leads to disturbed sleep. Also, your stools may not get cleared completely.
5. Drink as much water 1 hour before going to sleep. Just before you hit the bed, urinate and go to sleep. You are assured of sound sleep.


1. Consume at least one fruit everyday. Fruits are pre-digested food and produce instant energy
2. Fruits contain their inherent Prana (they ripen on their own). The body absorbs this Prana and saves its own Prana while digesting the food.
3. Fruits increase the “Aura” in an individual as they increase the life of cells in the body and delay the ageing process.
3. Fruits provide essential roughage too.
4. “Very Importantly” – Fruit consumption has particular times during the day depending on the original constitution “Prakruti” and the altered state of constitution “Vikruti” of every individual. Nadi Pariksha can reveal this.
5. “Most Importantly” – The type of fruits to be consumed are “MOST IMPORTANT” as the vibrant energy in them act or react with the current bio-rhythms of the body and bring changes in the doshas (Vayu, Pitta and Kapha) in a very short span of time.
6. A Nadi Pariksha will reveal the current state of doshas and advise accordingly.
7. Fruit milkshakes are a no-no unless expressly specified by a “Vaidya” only.
8. Most juices should be consumed “without” ice. Fruit juices when churned in a mixer, increase the Vayu dosha and increases Gas in the stomach thereby creating digestive disorders.


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