Our Body and Mind are connect to our soul consciousness. We are spiritual beings in a human body. It is therefore important to have a connection to our higher consciousness, that is our Spiritual self within. This is the only path for us where we can be in harmony within and with our immediate environment.

7 simple steps are given below to keep your Mind, Body and Soul in harmony in you:

  1. Train to perceive right
    This is easier said than done but it is the easiest nevertheless. When you use your senses to gain information from the outside world, let your senses provide you the information as they receive. Be like a radio which receives without bias (Ears), and a T.V which projects without prejudice (Eyes), a leaf that brushes your skin because of the wind (Skin). Be like a spice which give you taste without an attitude (Tongue), A rose that gives out a fragrance to anyone who smells it (Nose).
  2. Be in Love with Yourself
    The language of divinity is love. And love begins within us. If we can love ourselves without doubt, in absolute belief in ourselves, our self esteem will be high, our self respect will be high. We will radiate with confidence and enthusiasm.
  3. Love others like you love yourself
    Love to others is an extension of the love we feel for ourselves. We need to seek this love in divine connections. This can only happen when we extend our help to others. This attitude to serve establishes a divine connection and brings about a spiritual uplift in our consciousness.
  4. Think Positive
    An attitude of positivity is as good as a prayer. Positive thoughts resonate more powerfully in the universe. What more, you get back the same in multitudes. If you share positivity, you get back multitudes plus blessings from the people you share positivity.
  5. Be Honest
    Being honest is a virtue and is considered as a unlit year next to godliness. Apart from resonating in a vibrantly positive internal environment, an expression of goodness is what comes out as a consequence of being honest. Of course, harmless white lies or those that are uttered for achieving harmonious, divine pursuits get excerpts automatically as the intent is honesty by itself.
  6. Talk with love and compassion
    Communication is the key to spread positivity. The way we communicate also brings about change in our energy patterns, our poise and also our personality. Positive communication brings about a good aura, gives our face a beaming look, we tend to smile genuinely, and our intent to communicate has a genuine quality of compassion. People will reach out to you to feel good.
  7. Sleep early and wake up early
    Ayurveda prescribes this habit which is practiced worldwide as a healthy way of living. Our energy source is the sun. Ideal health is obtained when we wake up at sunrise and go to sleep within 4 hours of sunset. This means we should wake up between 5-5.30 am and go to bed between 9.30-10 pm. This ensures maximum utilization of sun’s energy and maximum repair time for the body. Our bio-rhythm remains upbeat and our energies are the maximum. All our organs work to its optimum levels, digestion is best and complete absorption of nutrition from the food is obtained. Our sleep will be sound we will wake up fresh with confidence.

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