Suprabhatam 



A mind is calm which has no distractions. Distractions happen from both inside as well as outside of you.

Most of the time, disturbances and noise on the outside seem as disturbances because of the unrest within you. Your 5 senses are constantly communicating with you. But the information they are providing you are directly correlated with your current internal disposition.

Every thought is a vibration collected through your senses. And this is communicated to you through a feeling. A feeling is nothing but the way your mind reacts to the thought based on your past, of similar thought experiences.

All this activity is heard as an internal dialogue within you. Your mind works as an interpreter by constantly analysing these dialogues and inferring from it. The result is the way you emote. Therefore, you take action as the emotions has to be acted upon and expressed.

When you decide to participate in this whole process of Thought – Mind – Interpretation – Emotion and Outer expression, then you are responsible directly for the result thereon too. This is because you have agreed to own up to the dictates of your mind.

You are supposed to work through your consciousness and have the discrimination “Viveka” to decide whether this whole process requires your attention or not. If not, just ignore it.

Most of the time, your discriminative faculty is on “OFF” mode. And you are helplessly dragged into this conflict between your consciousness and mind battles. And this causes unrest within you and makes you unhappy, angry, sad, depressed, agitated etc..

The learning here is to stay in your consciousness – In your heart centre. This is the place of peace, harmony, love, compassion, empathy, understanding and living in the moment.

And there are kriyas in Tantra that makes this experience a reality, instantly.

This is the place where you exist in divinity. After all, you are his creation, and you need to live like him.

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