The Parameters for living comes from your past. These are bone crunching limitations you experienced from your past before that.
This is like when you were walking through a suffocating narrow lane all the time before. And you still continue to do so thinking this is the only way…
But did you not look for a broader, brighter, greener and and more free road to walk through? 
Just imagine if life were to narrow down your chances further. You would start to get further narrower lanes than what you are walking through now. And you would then come to a ‘Dry, Narrow Dead End’.
As you visualised and read this, you would have felt congested, defeated and claustrophobic within. Your breathe would have felt as though it was closing in on you. 
Life is the other way round. Your past is not an example nor is it a guide to your current or future. It is just a bundle of events that happened. Leave it at that.
If you have a craving for a bright, evergreen alive and vibrant today you look forward to kick start a brighter, more green vibrant ‘full of life’ and an abundant tomorrow, so be it. Visualise it and live like that. 
What you wish for is what you will work for. And your thoughts and actions will be all that more open, free from hurdles and full of opportunities to choose from. 
Before I continue further and before you go further in your thoughts, I would like to tell you something very important. Something that all have miss out so obviously, blinded by the greed of ‘Growing Big’…. 

Read this with full attention, slowly as you read earlier…..

Remember – When you expect big from nature, look forward to give back ‘Big’ to nature… “Do Not Forget”.

Digest this truth – The future of your successful life is “Only” based on a clean, Abundantly green, healthy and pollution free environment. 

Do not grow big by spoiling the greenery that was a gift of nature to you. 

Trees always contribute to oxygen which helps in broadening your thoughts, your creative and positive thinking. And only a green, pollution free environment guarantees you a Healthy, Bright, Successful Future.

And trees and birds and animals are alive witnessing everything. Grow more trees, secure your future and that of your children and of all those who are working with you.
Abundance is not growing rich in money. Abundance is being big in the wealth of your thoughts, your ability to think the right way, and most harmoniously.
‘Bigness’ comes with ‘Caring and Sharing’ your abundance. 
Remember, what you give to others and with what attitude and abundance is what you get back. Open up your heart, become magnanimous. 
Pray for your success as you work. And pray for the success of all of those who are a part of your success journey. If they do not share your ‘big’ thoughts, how can you grow big?
Moral : Visualise big, Think big, Plan big, Interact with people who think big, share big, Act big. The results will and will be big. 
This will be your past you will rewrite. And it will keep growing bigger.
A word of advise : as you grow big, broaden your outlook to life. As I said earlier, do not forget to share big too. As you thought big, planned big and acted big, others were with you in your ‘big’ journey.
And continue to share this ‘bigness’ of your heart as you go along.. Nature has no limitations. 

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