Understanding Your Ailment

Detox your BodyYour ailment is a result of excesses that you indulged in. Accumulation of toxins brings about an ailment in your body. The body has a natural healing mechanism. It detoxifies itself and heals itself. You need to respect your body with the right attitude to understand your sickness. And that is in your hands.

Ailments do not happen all of a sudden.I have heard people telling me “ I was OK till yesterday. I do not know what went wrong today”. “I did nothing wrong”. “Everything has been the same as usual”.

Can it ever happen that your body suddenly got sick of you and decided to punish you with an ailment. You think so?

Consider this to start with

Digestive Disorder

Many suffer from frequent attacks of colds and mucous congestion. Did you know that one of the main reasons for the formation of mucous in the morning is because of improper and incomplete digestion, and consumption of wrong food combinations?

The way you consume food also creates diseases. Emotional eating, gobbling up food, eating while working or driving, watching TV, and other such wrongs practices cause ill health. In most cases, medication is wrongly sought or prescribed where a simple change in the way you consume food with a simple ‘detox at home’ can help you heal well.

Faulty breathing because of stress and anxiety, fear and sadness also cause digestive and circulatory disorders. Insomnia, lack of physical strength and stamina, low libido are all caused due to a deranged mental and emotional condition.

It’s very important to know that an ailment or sickness is your body’s way of telling you that something is not right. When all the channels are blocked and the body cannot cleanse them, it calls for your attention to help it heal. It’s your own body way of reaching out to you for help. Listen to it. Do not medicate it.

The truth is, you need to live with your body till you take your last breath. Till then, you need to maintain it well. Your body’s suffering is directly YOUR SUFFERING.


Your body’s sickness is a sickness directly suffered by you. Therefore, it makes sense that you immediately find out the things you did wrong which led to your body’s sickness. That’s how you begin the healing process.

If your sickness is because of your mental or emotional condition, you need a different type of healing because you will begin to identify with your sickness and you will only fall more sick.

Make a list of things you did wrong. Accept that you did go wrong. This is taking responsibility for your sickness. This is how you prevent falling sick again.


What’s most important is an accurate diagnosis. Ayurvedic diagnosis starts with a Nadi Pariksha. It’s a fool proof system of identifying the cause of your ailment. By getting the information of your primary cause of your ailment, healing is fast, accurate and effective.

It’s not a right practice to refer to pathological reports to heal you while Ayurvedic medicines are being prescribed.

Any form of healing should only begin by identifying the primary cause or the origin of your ailment.  What is important to know is WHAT TO HEAL and where to start from. Without this crucial step being taken, medication will create more harm than good.

Any medication that makes you feel comfortable as a result of findings in a pathological report only instills in you a comfort level by silencing your suffering momentarily. This is a very dangerous way of addressing your ailment. The feel-good factor by medicating your symptoms is only cheating your mind. You will soon realize to your dismay that the ailment has spread its tentacles and you are taking more medicines now with the initial ailment still being active.

A faulty diagnosis can make the healing process go astray. Identifying the right cause is the first step to understand what to heal.


A lot of people practice self healing presuming we know what went wrong. Let me ask you – if you knew what went wrong, then why did you continue doing that wrong till sickness got to you?

It is therefore important for you to consult your Vaidya before you begin your healing process. This is very important.


Many diet prescriptions are being dolled out by people to one another, by dietitians and by doctors. Not all are good for every constitution type. And practicing random diet changes will do more harm than good as it will completely shock the body’s metabolic activity and destabilize the digestion process. Today, there is a trend about Alkaline foods.

Alkalizing the body is not for every body type. Not every body can tolerate alkaline foods. Especially Vayu type constitutions will suffer with Alkaline foods. Gas and joint pains will erupt and cracking of joints will increase. Mood swings and falling of hair will happen.

And Kapha types will find more mucous accumulation in their channels accompanied with bouts of tiredness and lethargy. This will only create more ailments. Various foods react differently according to varied constitution type.

It’s important to note that “Healing yourself comes after you fall sick”. Not falling sick is the better choice.


A Vaidya who can counsel you effectively about your ailment is the one leading you on the right path to healing. A Vaidya will, with care and concern, explain to you the cause of your ailment condition. You need to know what made you sick. You need to also participate consciously for your own benefit.

Sickness did not manifest from the outside. Therefore, simply writing a prescription is not the solution.

Consider any ailment whether it be because of a bacteria, virus, mosquito or any other reason. How many people bitten by a mosquito fall sick in a house or in a locality? Your sickness is happening from within because of the environment you have created. All the a mosquito does is to trigger an ailment that was waiting to erupt.

Most sicknesses originate at a subtle level, as a result of a restless and an unhappy mind, a weak mind. Any emotional weakness can leave a lasting impact on the metabolic activity of the body and lead to various sicknesses.


Blaming your work or social life will not help beyond a point. Lifestyle disorders contribute in a big way in making your body sick. Sooner or later, you will be forced to follow a proper lifestyle desperately with stringent Dos’ and Don’s’ and you will not enjoy living that way.

Bring a balance between your work and social life. And balance both of them with the way you would love to live life everyday.

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