Meaning : Blood, Particularly the Haemoglobin portion.

System carrier : Circulatory System

Action : JEEVANA (LIFE) Rakta dhatu oxygenates cells. Rakta literally means what is coloured and what is red. Blood gives colour both figuratively and literally.

Originates from : Liver & Spleen

Waste Product – Bile

Cause of Rakta Dhatu Disorders


  1. Deficiency of Iron or Vitamin B12,
  2. Excess Sugar or Salt,
  3. Consuming Heating Oils & Fried Foods,
  4. Unhealthy Food Combinations,
  5. Eating Sour & Fermented Foods,
  6. Eating excess of Cheese, Curds & Pickles,


  1. Excessive exposure to the Sun,
  2. Exposure to Radiation,
  3.  Liver & Spleen Disorders,
  4. Working in a Hot Environment,
  5. Excessive or Insufficient Physical Exercise,


  1. Repressed Aggression or Anger,
  2. Envy & Hate.

Symptoms of Rakta Dhatu Disorders


  1. Bleeding Tendencies
  2. Enlarged Liver & Spleen,
  3. Fullness of Blood Vessels,
  4. Hypertension,
  5. Red Eyes,
  6. Acne,
  7. Eczema,
  8. Dermatitis,
  9. Rashes.


  1. Anaemia,
  2. Breathlessness or exertion,
  3. Craving for Hot Spicy Foods,
  4. Sour & Citrus foods
  5. Iron Rich foods.


  1. Anaemia,
  2. Abnormal pulse,
  3. Low Blood pressure,
  4. Dizziness,
  5. Vertigo,
  6. Cardiac Arrhythmia,
  7. Gout (Vata Rakta) 


  1. Bleeding Gums,
  2. Bleeding Haemorrhoids,
  3. Bleeding in the Gastro Intestinal Tract( Blackish Stools),
  4. Hives,
  5. Rashes, Urticaria,
  6. Sickle Cell Anaemia,


  1. High Cholesterol,
  2. High Triglycerides,
  3. Hypertension,
  4. High Blood Sugar,
  5. Hyperglycaemia (Diabetes)

Rakta Dhatu Balancing Recommendations

Factors that Disturb the Dhatu

  1. Acidic foods like Tomatoes, Vinegar,
  2. Fermented foods,
  3. Baking Soda,
  4. Avoid toxins like Alcohol, Nicotine,
  5. Powerful drugs & Chemicals,
  6. Hot Spicy Foods,
  7. Artificial Colours and Preservatives,
  8. Pesticides,
  9. Aged Cheese,
  10. Frequent Anger & Frustration,
  11.  Violent Movies, Stimulating & Exciting News shows or other programmes,
  12. Sleeping late.

Lifestyle & Dietary factors to favour balance of Dhatu

  1. Eat neutral tasting foods,
  2. Less spicy foods,
  3. Plenty of water intake,
  4. Good quantities of fruits & Vegetables,
  5. Don’t Skip meals,
  6. Maintain regular meal timings,
  7. Drink 1/4th cup of Aloe Vera juice daily,
  8. Include Rose petal water in your Diet,
  9. Go to bed before 10 pm,
  10. Reduce Anger,
  11. Meditate regularly.

Treatment Herbs – Turmeric, Red Clover, Manjishta, Amalaki

Other Treatments – Using blood cleansing herbs like Turmeric, Red Clover, Manjishta are helpful. In conditions of Anemia, Green Vegetables along with Amalaki, or Turmeric can be used.


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