Meaning : Bone Marrow, Tissues of the Nervous System

System carrier : The Nervous System

Action : CONTENTMENT (PURANA) The function of Marrow is filling or contentment. Marrow serves to fill the empty spaces in the body as in the nerve channels, the bones and the brain cavity. It also provides for the secretion of the Synovial fluid and aids in the lubrication of eyes, stools and skin. It is of 2 types; 1. Brain and Spinal Cord  2. Bone Marrow. It also produces Red Blood cells known as Sarakta Meda.

Marrow gives a sense of fulfillment and sufficiency in life. When it is deficient, one feels empty and anxious. It provides affection, love and compassion by its lubricative property. Majja comes  form the root “Majj’ or “To Sink” as the nerve tissue is sunk deep in the bones.

Originates from : Bones & Joints

Waste Product – Oily substance in the Eyes, Skin & Faeces

Cause of Majjha Dhatu Disorders


  1. Artificial stimulants,
  2. Drugs and Alcohol,
  3. Smoking,
  4. Marijuana  other harmful & powerful drugs,
  5. Heavy toxicity,
  6. Unbalanced or unhealthy diets
  7. High Vata diets,
  8. Dry foods, Dry Roasted Foods,
  9. Leftovers from previous night,


  1. Doshic agitations which can affect the Nervous System,
  2. Cerebral concussion,
  3. High Fever,
  4. Lack of Sleep,
  5. Physical Trauma,
  6. Radiation poisoning,
  7. Viral or Bacterial infections,


  1. Possession by Spirits,
  2. Auric or Energy field difficulties,
  3. Stress, Conflict & Very Hectic Lifestyles,
  4. Unresolved Emotions.
  5. Hatred or other powerful emotions

Symptoms of Majjha Dhatu Disorders


  1. Excessive Sleep,
  2. Heaviness of eyes,
  3. Pineal & Pitutiary Tumors,
  4. Sluggishness
  5. Heaviness throughout the body,
  6. Tumors on the peripheral nerves.


  1. Anaemia,
  2. Lack of Attention,
  3. Epilepsy,
  4. Insomnia
  5. Multiple Sclerosis,
  6. Parkinsons Disease,
  7. Osteoporosis,
  8. Osteoarthritis,
  9. Rheumatoid Arthritis,
  10. Sexual Debility,
  11. Stroke Parslysis
  12. Lack of understanding,
  13. Poor Communication,
  14. Other Neurological problems,


  1. Cracking & Popping of Joints,
  2. Osteoporosis,
  3. Degenerative Arthritis,
  4. Cracking and splitting Hair
  5. Cracking and Splitting Nails,
  6. Losing Hair on the head due to brittleness


  1. Severe loss of hair,
  2. Dandruff,
  3. Loss of Pubic hair,
  4. Fungal Infections of the nails,
  5. Tooth Abscess
  6. Gum Abscess


  1. Swollen Joints,
  2. Tuberculosis of Knee Joint
  3. Deformities of the nails.

Majjha Dhatu Balancing Recommendations

Factors that Disturb the Dhatu

  1. Unnatural foods,
  2. Junk foods,
  3. Processed foods,
  4. Deep frozen foods,
  5. Genetically engineered foods,
  6. Artificially ripened foods,
  7. Foods excessively treated with chemicals & preservatives,
  8. Steriods used during treatments.
  9. High exposure to sunlight,
  10. Mental Stress,
  11. Mental Agitation,

Lifestyle & Dietary factors to favour balance of Dhatu

  1. Increase the period and quality of Rest,
  2. Gentle and regular exercise,
  3. Healthy, wholesome, fresh & Natural foods,
  4. Soaked & Steamed Almonds, Walnuts, Apricots,
  5. Warm Blended Milk,
  6. Foods rich in Calcium, Magnesuim, Vitamin B6 & B12,
  7. Regular Meditation,
  8. Going to bed by 10 pm.

Treatment Herbs – Brahmi, Shanka pushpi (Do not get into self medication without consulting an expert Vaidya)

Other Treatments – Both High Vata & Pitta disturb the system. Controlling Pitta in the Small Intestine, one can control Pitta in the Nervous system. Nervine stimulants like Calamus, Shankapushpi, are very important to start with. Many tonics like Ashwagandha also have  nutritive properties for the Nerves. Almonds, Walnuts & Oils like Ghee, & Sesame nourish the Nerves. Enema treatment with tonifying Oils like Sesame gives excellent results.

Marmas – Sthapani (In between the centre of Eyebrows), Adipathi ( on the Head, in the centre of Occiput) Marmas, treated by Shirodhara using Medicated OIls. This is good for disorders like Insomnia, Loss of Sensory Function, Paralysis, Facial Paralysis etc.

Treatment of Marmas through appropriate mantras and proper massage techniques.

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  • ms guided journey
    Posted February 29, 2012 9:45 pm 0Likes

    What an interesting post. I have MS and have just started going to acupuncture. She said I am extremely blocked…does this mean energy block? I’m trying very hard to have an open mind about all of this but I am determined to try.

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