Meaning : Fat or Adipose Tissue

System carrier : The Adipose System

Action : LUBRICATION (SNEHANA) The function of Adipose tissue is Snehana meaning lubrication of Muscles, Tendons and other Dhatus (tissues). For eg: It helps the throat by lubricating  it to give a melodious voice. Medha Dhatu gives a sense of smoothness and ease and on a psychological level, a sense of being “Cared For”.

Originates from : Kidneys

Waste Product – Sweat

Cause of Meda Dhatu Disorders


  1. Excess eating of Sugar & Sweets,
  2. Consuming Excess Salt or Diary products,
  3. Consuming excess Cold Beverages & Foods,
  4. Consumption of Meat,
  5. Consuming Heated Oils
  6. Fried Foods,
  7. Lack of high quality Fats in the Diet,
  8. Unhealthy food combinations,
  9. Consuming Excess Water,
  10. Consuming Artificial drugs & Substances,
  11. Consuming Alcohol,
  12. Tobacco and Marijuana,
  13. Steroids, & other strong & Harmful medicines,


  1. Sleeping during the day,
  2. Excessive or Insufficient physical exercise,
  3. Typhoid,


  1. Frequent Emotional Eating,
  2. Stress & Unresolved Emotions.

Symptoms of Meda Dhatu Disorders


  1. Diabetes,
  2. Gall stones,
  3. Lethargy,
  4. Pains in the Joints,
  5. Breathlessness,
  6. Sluggish Metabolism,
  7. Underactive Thyroid,
  8. Excessive Sweating,
  9. Fatty Tumors,
  10. Low Libido,
  11. Excess Thirst
  12. Sweet taste in the mouth.


  1. Dry Skin,
  2. Cracking Joints,
  3. Emaciation,
  4. Osteoarthritis,
  5. Lumbago,
  6. Overactive Thyroid,
  7. Osteoporosis,
  8. Enlarged Spleen.


  1. Lack of Lubrication,
  2. Dislocation of joints,
  3. Weakening of Ligaments,
  4. Drying up of Synovial fluid


  1. Inflamed Kidneys
  2. Inflamed Adrenal Glands,
  3. Fat in the Body & Organs,
  4. Fatty degenerative Changes in the Liver,
  5. Acid Indigestion
  6. Acidic Sweat,
  7. Boils & Abscess


  1. Fibrocystic Breasts,
  2. Gall Stones,
  3. Cellulites,
  4. Nephritis,
  5. Albuminuria
  6. Hypertension, 

Meda Dhatu Balancing Recommendations

Factors that Disturb the Dhatu

  1. Overeating fats and fatty foods,
  2. Eating understress
  3. Eating before the previous meal is digested
  4. Emotional eating,
  5. Refined Sugar Foods,
  6. Deep fried foods
  7. Large evening & Night meals,
  8. Excessive eating of Meat & Cheese,
  9. Impure cooking oils,
  10. Use of non-organic refined vegetable oils.

Lifestyle & Dietary factors to favour balance of Dhatu

  1. Increase in fibre rich foods,
  2. Increase in consumption of organic foods,
  3. Use of unrefined oils,
  4. Eating whole steamed sprouts & grains, especially Moong, steamed Leafy vegetables,
  5. Increase in exercise.

Treatment Herbs – Black Pepper, Mustard, Ginger, Cinnamon, Guggulu, Aloe Vera + Turmeric

Other Treatments – to normalise the metabolism of the Adipose tissue. Fat reducing herbs like Guggulu or Rasna should be used in combination with those like Chitrak, Black Pepper to stimulate & burn up fat. Bitter foods like Aloe Vera possess reducing qualities. Deep massages with powders of Talcum &Talcum, Calamus or with hot oils like Mustard is very useful. Sweating therapy is also very important through herbs like Ginger & Cinnamon or through Heat inducing Saunas. Anti Kapha diets should also be adopted. Sleeping hours also need to be reduced. Therauptic Vomiting is also very useful.

Specific Fat reducing herb combinations are also administered along with Yoga Therapy for Weight reduction and Management thereon, Marma therapy and counseling to help reduce and manage weight thereafter.

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