RASA DHATU

Meaning : Plasma, also called Skin. The first product of Digestion & Metabolism

System carrier : The Lymphatic System, Heart, Blood Vessels, Skin and Mucus membrane

Action : PREENANA (PLEASURE) The action of Plasma is to give nourishment. Plasma provides nutrition to all the tissues and also serves to fill them up and afford a sense of fullness in life. It is responsible for hydration of the tissues and for maintaining the electrolyte balance.

When Plasma or Rasa is sufficient, we feel happiness and contentment. We need vitality and we can enjoy only when moving (exercise) and acting (being active). Rasa gives a zest for life and a sense of Beauty and Joy. The term “Rasa” itself means both essence or sap and circulation in the body.

Originates from : The Heart & Blood Vessels

Waste Product – Phlegm

Cause of Rasa Dhatu Disorders
1. Heavy Food,   2. Overeating,   3. Cold Beverages & Food,   4. Eating Fried, Oily, Processed or   5. Eating Leftover foods,   6. Unhealthy food combinations,
7. Eating Excess Sugar or Salt,   8. Eating too much of Cheese or Yoghurt,

1. Excess toxins in the body,   2. Excessive or insufficient Physical exercise,

1. Too much of worry (which agitates the Tarpaka Kapha causing excess mucus secretion in the sinuses),   2. Anxiety or lack of trust.   Symptoms of Rasa Dhatu


1. Lymphatic & Venous congestion,   2. Recurring Colds,   3. Bronchial or Sinus Congestion,   4. Excess Salivation,   5. Edema & Swelling,   6. Feeling of Heaviness in the Heart.

1. Anemia,   2. Dehydration,   3. Dizziness,   4. Dry Skin,   5. Emaciation,
6. Excessive thirst,   7. Fatigue,   8. Hypersensitive,   9. Palpitations,
10. Shock.

1. Dizziness & Nausea,   2. Fatigue,   3. Fever,   4. Lack of Taste,   5. Lack of Faith,
6. Lack of Perception,   7. General Bodily aches & Pains.

1. Dehydration   2. Dry skin,   3. Poor Circulation,   4. Cold skin,   5. Blackish / Brownish Discolouration of Skin,   6. Skin may be cracked & rough

1. Excess Pitta flowing thru Rasa dhatu.   2. Hot flashes,   3. Acne,   4. Rashes,
5. Eczema

1. Dermoid Cyst,   2. Thickening Skin,   3. Lymphatic Congestion,   4. Colds,
5. Sneezing

Rasa Dhatu Balancing Recommendations

Factors that Disturb the Dhatu
1. Low Water intake,   2. Fasting,   3. Irregular Meal timings,   4. Eating excessive quantities of Dry foods,   5. Eating Excessive Salt,   6. Eating before the previous meal is digested,   7. Over eating,   8. Staying up late at night,
9. Insufficient Sleep,   10. Mental Stress,   11. Worry & fear.

Lifestyle & Dietary factors to favour balance of Dhatu
1. Drink plenty of water,   2. Eat Sweet Juicy fresh fruits,   3. Eat fresh juicy vegetables,   4. Get more sleep,   5. Sleep before Pitta time,   6. Manage stress,
7. Ideally through Meditation,   8. Take herbalised full body massages.

Treatment Herbs

Shatavari, Amla, Ginger, Cinnamon, Sage & other Expectorants can help

Other Treatments

Anti Kapha therapy treatment to prevent Mucus formation should be adopted. Using herbs like Ginger, Cinnamon, Sage & other Expectorants can help. Saunas & Steam bath are helpful. Attention must be given to improving the circulation in the body. Performing Lymph Drainage Massage can help.

Massage on the front of the body from neck down to the Clavicle & Sternum. As the Armpits & Groin contain Lymph Nodes, proper attention must be paid to these areas, including the Abdomen, using Circular Strokes. In Vata conditions, Oil massage using medicated oils like Sesame, herbs that build Plasma like Shatavari. Dairy products like Milk are very important.

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