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Mynaadi is a platform where you can interact & explore all health solutions with regard to your health of both “Body and Mind” and take responsibility for your health. Our practice works towards empowering you with the knowledge to heal yourself and remain in a state of “Unconditional Happiness”. All solutions are tailored to your constitution. So the science becomes “Truly personal” and absolutely meaningful and workable for you, giving you health, wealth and abundance of energy.


Over the last 15 – 20 years, health of individuals from all walks of life has been gradually deteriorating by the day. With work related stress going up clubbed with societal pressures and peer pressure at work, people are going away from value systems to a more consumerist way of life. Happiness and Joy are becoming elusive and more misery is coming into their life.


A purely holistic method of treating & empowering you and imparting such knowledge to you has been worked out to help heal your problems, both on the Physical, Mental and Spiritual planes.


By tailoring the science to every individual’s needs & invoking peoples’ interests, individuals have started to take ownership of their health & have started experiencing a change in both their Mental, Physical & also in their emotional planes. These involve people from all walks of life from Professionals from Entrepreneurs, Software Engineers, Doctors, Businessman & others.

In this regard, health seminars are held frequently to help people understand the powerful healing solutions in ”Siddha Medicine and Tantra Shastra”, to cure & rid themselves of ailments rather than taking care of symptoms for the time being through medication


It is very important and crucial to know that the remedies planned in the healing are not for the purpose of providing you a temporary (placebo) effect but are seen as catalysts that will get to work while you adhere to the Biological Clock to correct the disturbed Bio-Rhythms in the body. You may also have to follow certain “Dietary Restrictions” to compliment the healing process during and after (as required for a specified period) the program.

Therefore medication cannot be taken as the only defined route (or the main route) to addressing ailments. Rather, it is in the conforming to “Recommended Lifestyle Routines” for your specific constitution (both Prakruti as well as Vikruti) which will bring about a change in your Physiological as well as Mental planes.

Our plans for you are flexible in their own rights and one’s lifestyles can be fine-tuned to bring about changes in your health without compromising on schedules (as long as it conforms to the Biological Clock). Therefore, discussing in detail your routines as well as daily activities (for the purpose of arriving at a schedule driven by nature) is effectively worked out.

Also, the treatments planned should also be considered as “Supportive Therapies” and not as an all–in–all to provide quick or permanent relief to you under any circumstance. They are fast acting provided they are given the right environment for a consistent period of time to allow their manifested effects to become curative in nature to assist the body in healing itself.


A holistic approach is arrived at to ascertain the cause & cure ailments and prevent them from recurring in the system. Nadi Pariksha (Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis) is used for the process of diagnosing the ailments)

When you come for consultation, you should not specify your problems in advance.

Your pulse when examined reveals all the ailments present in your body. From subtle revelations of predominant emotional states and health of organs, the healthy of your tissues and the working of glands and chakras, the cause of all these problems are ascertained. The prognosis of the ailment is also ascertained.


Powerful therapies to counter Obesity (Weight Loss programme), Anti Ageing, Home Detox Programmes, Marma Chikitsa to deal with Psychosomatic ailments, Backaches, Digestive Disorders, Hypertension, Migraines, Blood Pressure, Skin Ailments etc have been very effectively treated.

From problems like Blood Pressure, neurological symptoms in smaller ailments like Cramps, Lumbago, Bronchial Congestion, Asthma, and other Breathing Disorders, Headaches & Migraines, to more acute problems like Acidity, Varicose Veins, Diabetes, Obesity, Stroke, Skin rashes; Eczema and other Circulatory disorders etc, have been successfully & effectively addressed.

Also psychological ailments like Hypertension, Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Lack of Self Esteem & Self Confidence, Fear & Insecurity, and Nervous Disorders etc. have been effectively addressed to the patients’ satisfaction through Therauptic Pranayamas and Kriyas.

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A purely holistic method of treating & empowering an individual with the knowledge & working principles of Siddha medicine, Tantra Shastra, Ayurveda & Yoga was envisaged to help heal oneself of his/her problems…..for life; both on the Physical, Mental and Spiritual planes.

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Biological Clock

The Biological Clock is the active intelligence of the body that nature has programmed in the human body so that humans can resonate with the vibratory frequencies of nature and stay healthy.

These Bio-Rhythms coincide with the rising and setting sun and the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the earth at different times during the day.

Take Less Medicines & Spend Less to Heal

The whole purpose of writing this article was to give an in-depth view of what Yoga has come to be today against what it was envisioned to be by our sages and seers as expounded in the Vedantic texts of Shukla and Krishna Yejurveda.

As time passed by and life in general took the fast lane, the whole science of Yoga also was transformed by man to enable it to adopt itself to the new generation. Little did these change makers realize that this science was to be utilized in its purest form as the wisdom of its practice lies in its philosophy rather than its gross practice of performing Asanas and Pranayamas.

The science is purely intuitive in nature and needs a great level of patience and necessitates one to take an inward journey that with a lot of patience, zeal and enthusiasm. These were conveniently forgotten as with them, the science could not have been diluted.

With the advent of the so called “Modern Yoga”, people still find themselves lost and take to it only when they seek solace from their problems in life. A combination of physical postures and a set of breathing practices seem to be all they are exposed to. With close introspection, it is found that even with the application of a couple of these practices, the results are profoundly soothing and calming on a person.

It’s high time the science is explored and revealed to its full potential and people get to utilize it in its true form. This will open new dimensions in a person’s understanding of life and its true purpose. Yoga is not an activity but is in essence a true way of living.

Every moment can be a moment in Yoga, a truly blissful experience. When this happens, everything else drops away to give a person the most valuable experience in life – The Moment Of Joy.

All our actions in life and all that we acquire is to get this elusive Joy. With the practice of living in Yoga, this happens without any of these acquisitions. And what we have in our possession so far can be enjoyed without getting attached to it. We are thus liberated for life and freedom dawns on us instantly. All our feelings of limitations, delusions and illusions wither away and we are exposed to the most powerful event in life – Self Realization.

Do join me on this journey which happens through 3 articles. the article is called “A LIFE’s JOURNEY THROUGH YOGA” The articles are written in a sequence to provide easy understanding and starts with the understanding of where Yoga stands today followed by its true meaning and lastly, how the truest form of Yoga can be adopted into our lives effortlessly to give us eternal peace and freedom.

1. The 1st of the 3 articles is called “Yoga as it stands today”.

The other 2 articles will follow with the titles,

2. The Philosophy and Practices in Yoga as envisioned by our Sages

3. Happiness, Freedom and Joyful Liberation through living in Yoga

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Powerful therapies to counter Obesity (Weight Loss programme), Anti Ageing, Home Detox Programmes, Marma Chikitsa to deal with Psocho-somatic ailments, Backaches, Digestive Disorders, Hypertension, Migraines, Blood Pressure, Skin Ailments etc have been very effectively treated.


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