Acne affects most of the adolescents. While Ayurveda describes it as Yauvanapidika, a skin condition that affects the adolescents, English medicine describes it as an inflammation of the sebaceous gland. But it is noticed that people do get such skin eruptions at a later stage in life too. So this skin disorder is not restricted to the adolescent age alone.

Let us understand what happens to the skin. We need to get to the root of this skin condition. It cannot be blamed on adolescence alone. There is an imbalance of fat metabolism and a deranged reproductive fluid in the adolescent age.This is largely attributed to a faulty lifestyle and bad food habits. This can be attributed to the preferred behaviour during adolescence. This preferred behaviour is because of the emotional turbulence they go through during these formative years.

Youngsters in their teens become rebellious to any form of discipline. In this phase, the youngsters are negotiating a thin line between sanity of thought, discipline and a misplaced feeling of freedom of expression. This misplaced freedom leads them to experiment with their lifestyles and food.

The above mentioned behavioural preference translates to emotional eating, gouging on food where the combination of tastes vary between Sweet, Sour and Salty, mostly all at once in one meal, most of the times. This combination of food is extremely unsuitable for health and harms the metabolic activity.

The result of this form of eating leads to build up of toxins in the body due to impaired digestion, corrupts the blood, affects the lymphatic circulation and leads to build up of unhealthy fat. To add to this trouble, youngsters eat very late, sleep late. In most cases, youngsters laze on the bed immediately after food, slouch on the bed, and then go off to sleep.

Late eating, late sleeping are all acid producing. This affects the production of the reproductive tissue, the Shukra dhatu too.

Eating is an important ritual in Ayurveda. With love and gratitude, we should consume our food in peace. This form of eating helps us in participating in the eating process and the digestive juices help in breaking down the food and extracts its nutritive value.

A good, healthy digestive process leads to a glowing skin, a harmonious and pleasant mental disposition and a healthy circulatory system. Contrary to this is the eating habit under the influence of heightened emotions like anger, agitation, fear, and insecurity. Such aggravated emotional states release a lot of acids and these affect digestion of food and circulation of nutrition and all other fluids in the body. And to make swallowing easy, water is consumed or even worse, aerated drinks are consumed thereby making digestion so difficult.

While youngsters in their adolescence act this way in ignorance, people in their youth, towards their mid life also suffer from acne due to unwanted stress, unhealthy competition, fears, greed and also because of other unhealthy passions. Therefore they too experience acne and dull lifeless skin on their faces and other exposed parts of their body.

It is important you know that acne erupts from within. So stopping it is also from within. Improving lymphatic circulation, empowering the body in the elimination of toxins and improving the quality of blood are the key factors to be addressed here.

Following are some of the suitable ways that can be adopted to get a healthy skin;

1. Reduction on your sugar intake and on your consumption of fats and fatty foods. Raw sugars can be definitely consumed but in small quantities.

2. Consumption of Fruits are very good and they do not get into the harmful sugar category. On the contrary, they help in repairing your skin. When to consume them is the key.

3. Going on a specific alkaline diet improves skin texture. But this Diet has to be balanced with other foods and should suit your constitution.

4. A clinically monitored detoxification with purgatives will help in reversing skin conditions very soon.

5. Hydrate you skin regularly with clean water by washing it often. Dry the skin thoroughly. Moist skin will attract dust and dirt

6. Have bath twice a day. This will help you to improve circulate of blood under the skin and also

prevent infections on the outside of the skin.

7. Enough restful sleep is extremely beneficial as it will help in repairing tissues. Start by sleeping early.

8. Aloe Vera with Haldi powder helps in improving the blood tissue.

Complete prevention of acne is definitely possible. Assessing your constitution type will help you go on “Your Constitution Specific” diet. This is very important as food consumed by you should not leave traces of undigested matter and undigested salts. They will form toxins and stones very quickly.

A diagnosis done keeping in mind the core Ayurvedic principles will reveal the cause of your ailments. And this will establishing a powerful healing process, addressing your constitution specific needs.


  • jeswanibijay
    Posted June 20, 2018 10:56 pm 0Likes

    Hello sir, my name is Bijay, MBBS.
    Good explanation sir. I’m following your blog since last year.. maybe will meet you once in my life for sure and gain some knowledge…

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted June 21, 2018 3:16 am 0Likes

      Sure BIJAY! Thank you for writing to me.

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