Being Spiritual

  • You have fear because you cannot control your environment.
  • You want to control your environment because of your own expectations.
  • Your expectations come from your desires.
  • And misery is the outcome of your desires.

Desires are not bad at all. But getting attached to them is the one that leads to misery.

1. Live your life in a Spiritual manner.
2. Look at your needs and satisfy them definitely. You will be very happy.
3. Desire to help others, to spread happiness and health, to see people smile
4. Desire to share your knowledge, your happiness and your time in the service of the needy
5. Desire to receive wealth and abundance and be in bliss. This bliss will not come with hoarding but by donating.
6. By donating, you receive blessings and more wealth.
7. Desire to get good sleep and eat well, not eat to your heart’s content but with discretion. Not to over sleep but to rejuvenate and be fresh and healthy.
8. Desire to cloth yourself and others too. Start with an orphanage or a school for poor children
9. Desire to heal yourself and others too. Start with your loved ones and your neighbors.

Please remember this!!

1. Service should happen with your own hands. When you serve by yourself, you experience the love of giving and receive blessings too. Or else, it goes to the people who do it on your behalf.
2. Serve to give. Following it up with a photo shoot is incidental and should not be a part of the plan.
3. It is said that the left hand should not know what the right hand gives. So serve incognito. Humility will dawn on you. The experience is truly nourishing.
4. Lastly, know that you are NOT the owner of the wealth. You are a keeper of the wealth and you just transfer it before you die.
5. God only decides the opportunity that comes your way and the amount of money you make. He decides the people you meet and those that read about you.
6. God decides who should come to you again and who associates with you in your journey.

Being Spiritual is being in touch with your core, your Consciousness. When you do all that is said above, you nourish your Soul.

When your Soul is nourished, God hears it. Because he is constantly in touch with your soul.

Enjoy a beautiful life of giving and sharing😊😊

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu!

May peace prevail. And may you be the cause for it!

Om! Shantih: Shantih: Shantih:

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