2). TIME – 5-7 am – Large Intestine

This time is the most important to set the standard for our mental and physical health.
Evacuation of toxins sets the health clock right. 

At this time, “Prana” and “Apana” are both active. The following side effects are experienced if there is reversal of energies ie,. Apana Vayu at this time.
The force of Apana acts from the navel downward. It is the same area where Prana manifests in the body too (Prana travels upward in the reverse direction). We need to understand the effects of Prana here.
Apart from the positive effects of eliminating bowels, the malfunctioning of Apana Vayu has the following side effects;
Constriction of the Pelvic Diapraghm leading to laboured breathing or shallow breathing (this leads to stress in the mind as there is a lesser supply of oxygen to the brain, Skin problems (hives, rashes eczema), the weakening of the lower extremities of the body like the reproductive Organs, functioning of Bladder (urinary incontinence), dysfunctioning of Rectum (rectal bleeding, constipation, diarrhoea), menstruation (excess or lack of it), ineffective or no ovulation, Ejaculation (Premature Ejaculation), hair fall, low Backache, cold legs, sciatica, pre-menstrual sndrome, lack of support to the immune system and improper delivery of foetus are all causes of Apana Vayu dysfunction. 
Also, bad breathe in the mouth is a result of Apana Vayu dysfunction. Prana controls the activity of belching. Therefore with improper evacuation, the toxic gases pass up and out through the mouth as foul smell.
What goes wrong? As Apana becomes weak in its direction downwards, it starts to move up reversing the natural actions of all the organs in the area of the navel and downwards. The force of Vayu travelling up also disturbs the other activities of Samana (for digestion), Vyana (for circulation), Prana (which controls forward movement, breathing, mental clarity and the effectiveness of the mental perceptions of hearing and touch). If you experience ringing in the ears, you know what is wrong..!
If Apana becomes weak so does Prana as they originate from the same place, one moving up (Prana) and another moving down (Apana).
A dysfunctional and weak Prana Vayu has the following side effects;
Respiratory disorders (when Vayu gets agitated, it disturbs the Avalambaka Kapha or the plural fluid in the chest causing bronchial congestion or in psychosomatic cases, Asthma, neurological disorders (Prana travels through the nerves causing transfer of information through nerves as sensory impulse), migraine headaches (typically related to excess Vayu), ringing in the ears (disturbance in Prana Vayu), dizziness (excess of Prana Vayu travelling upwards), excess chattering of the brain (an imbalance in Sadhaka Pitta which is responsible for comprehension and understanding), Insomnia, Interrupted Sleep, too Many dreams, difficulty in swallowing, hurried eating (a psychosomatic activity because of rushed thinking), hiccups, loss of sensory & motor response.

Weak Apana Vayu is usually triggered of by;
Late sleeping, late eating, lying down immediately after food, excess stimulation of the sexual organs, being constantly in the midst of stressful situations, eating foods that are dry, cold, cooked and preserved overnight, stale foods, non-vegetarian foods etc.

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