The Biological Clock is the active intelligence of the body that nature has programmed in the human body so that humans can resonate with the vibratory frequencies of nature and stay healthy.

These Bio-Rhythms coincide with the rising and setting sun and the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the earth at different times during the day.

Ayurveda has studied these frequencies over 5000 years ago and has mapped these frequencies and has plotted them to various organs in our body, at various time zones of the 24 hour day.

Both in our wakeful and deep sleep states, our organs rejuvenate and work at their optimum levels. Thus, they stay healthy and age gracefully giving us sustained health till the end of our life.

Respecting the Biological clock gives us the best opportunity to stay healthy and fit and not fall sick.

There are various other parameters that also come into play depending on the seasons and their vibrational frequencies. A combination of both these factors is very important to stay healthy.

Planning of food, food combinations and water consumption patterns are all key to the sustainable working of the body.

3.00 – 5.00 AM – LUNG – Vata

 This is the time when Prana manifests in the body. That is why this time is called the “Brahma Muhartam” in the Vedas.

The lung governs the respiratory system as well as the immune system. It also helps moisten the skin and regulates sweat glands.

The best Yoga practices of Pranayama happens at this time. The Prana taken in at this time nourishes all tissues and strengthens the functioning of all organs.

A result of a good Yoga practice can also bring about good memory, sharpness of mind and reflexes, good circulation of energy, proper exchange of gases and complete elimination of toxins from the lung.

Full Breathing done at this time regulates the peristaltic activity and also activates their next functional organ in the biological clock; the large intestine.

Because of complete diaphragm is movement and the movement of the abdomen, toxins are dislodged from their seat and are sent downward to be excreted.

The diseases than can manifest because of a deficient lung areShortness of breathe, Asthma, Shallow breathing, Weight Loss, Bronchitis, Chronic Cough, Emotional low, Weak voice, Cough and colds, Headaches, Depression, Fatigue, Excessive sweating, Respiratory allergies, Dry skin

5.00 AM -7.00 AM – LARGE INTESTINE – Vata

This is time for a natural detox in the body. You will notice most people visiting the wash room at this time. Drinking of hot water stimulates Apana Vayu, the downward going force and helps in removing toxins from the body.

The large intestine also plays a very important part in decongestant our stagnant and stored emotions by opening the energy in the Mooladhara and Swadishtana chakras thereby making the mind feel rested. You gain clarity in your thoughts.

The diseases than can manifest because of a deficient Large Intestine areBack pain, joint pains, dry skin, eczema, gases, abdominal distension, lack of hunger, constipation, erratic stool evacuation, impotency, erectile dysfunction, weak breathing, claustrophobic feeling in the diaphragm, colds, confused perceptions, lack of clear thinking, anxiety, fear, weakness of the mind, lethargy in the body.

7.00 – 9.00 AM – STOMACH – Kapha

A healthy walk and exercise during the time between the large intestine time and the stomach time is the healthiest of all. This is the time most ideal for completely rejuvenating the body by opening up energy channels, massaging the internal organs and preparing them to face the day.

The stomach time is most ideal for the nourishment for the body. The start of breakfast makes the most important meal for the day. It has to be cooked or steamed. As usually believed, breakfast does not have to be heavy but has to be definitely nutritious.

A good hot, light beverage after a 15 minute gap will help settle the food and promote digestion.

The diseases than can manifest because of a deficient Stomach areDistended Stomach (bloating), Imbalanced Agni, impaired digestion, irregular appetite, gas in the stomach, hyper acidity, gastritis, Ribbed finger nails, Hair loss, Baldness, Skin allergies

9.00 AM – 11 AM – SPLEEN AND PANCREAS – Kapha

Health of the internal organs and a healthy cellular metabolism ensures healthy immunity. This is the secret to age gracefully. Health and wellness begins here. When the food is adequately supplied to the stomach, the mind becomes steady and focused. The day begins well. This is also the time for converting food to usable energy. Sugar is broken down to energy. Both
mental and physical energies are at their peak. The benefit you get is powerful self esteem, confidence and good energy to start the day.

The diseases than can manifest because of deficient Spleen and Pancreas are – Anemia, low immunity, bleeding in the rectum, acid indigestion, enlarged spleen, lymphatic obstruction, low sugar metabolism, low energy levels, pain and stiffness in the body.

11.00 AM – 1.00 PM – HEART – Pitta

Eating a light lunch is best at this time. Lunch consumed before 12.30 pm is best as it promotes the right combination of acids and alkali in the digestive system. This balance is the right environment for healthy digestion and circulation of nutrition.

As one proceeds towards mid-day, a good lunch brings an sense of satisfaction and fulfillment to the mind. Mental energies are renewed and one feels physically rejuvenated. Make sure the lunch is light as a heavy lunch will lead to drowsiness and lethargy.

The diseases than can manifest because of a deficient Heart areAnxiety, Fear, Depression, Insecurity, Palpitation, Anger, Fear of failure, Hypertension, Mental stress, Emotional stress low circulation of Prana and energy to the body.

1.00 PM – 3.00 PM – SMALL INTESTINE – Pitta

Absorption of the second meal happens at this time. This a phase of relatively low energy as the body is busy preparing for the supply of energy for the remaining day till nightfall. Also, the separation of nutrition and waste is active at this time. Therefore, this is an ideal time to go slow with your work.

When your get into stress at this time, the assimilation process gets disturbed. Gas and bloating will be the result. This situation will lead to further decrease in energy levels. Gas in the stomach will make one feel low in the mind too. Low energy will lead to low productivity too.

The diseases than can manifest because of a deficient Small Intestine are – Malabsorption, Deudonal Ulcers, Semi-formed stools, incomplete evacuation of toxins, Diarrhea.

3.00 PM – 5.00 PM – URINARY BLADDER – Vata

This is the crucial phase of detoxification. Apana Vayu is directed downwards to eliminate all liquid toxins. Moderate activity is advised as the detoxification process sets the tone for a good energetic later part of the evening. Kidney processes and synthesizes proteins for a good energetic evening.

Coffee, Tea and other such beverages are best avoided as they interfere with the detoxification process. These beverages are diuretic in nature and will prevent the absorption of salts as they promote excess urination. The body will tend to lose more water. This unhealthy excess urination will dehydrate cells and tissues. As the essential salts required for the healthy functioning of tissues are flushed out, the healthy lifespan of the tissues is reduced. This also reduces energy levels drastically.

The diseases than can manifest because of a deficient Urinary Bladder areRenal failure, Incontinence, Fatigue, Cramps, Tightness in muscles, Acidic urine, Burning urination, Dark yellow colored urine with small, Frothy urine.

5.00 PM – 7.00 PM – KIDNEY – Vata

The replenishment of vital energies happens at this time. This energy carries through to the night and the next morning. The kidneys and adrenal glands function at their most optimum levels delivering good energy to the body.

It is extremely important to consume hot water to improve the detoxification of excess toxins and prevent calcification of waste. Moreover, Apana Vayu is directed in the right direction to cleans their blood of excess acids. This prevents Uric acid accumulation in the blood.

A good kidney function also prevents Osteoporosis or the brittleness of bones. Excess lactic acid levels prevent the formation of bone marrow that is important for good healthy and strong bones.

A poor kidney function can cause fatigue at this time of the day. Though adrenal glands work well at this time of the day, a over exerted adrenal gland will prevent energy levels from manifesting at this time leading to fatigue.

A low libido function can be a result of poor kidney function as Apana Vayu  functions will be poor and weak. Unnecessary stress at work at this time cansap all your energy and leave you tired and exhausted at this time and later on through the evening and night too. Sleep will also be hampered due to the same reason.

Therefore the time between 6-7 would ideally be for having a shower and preparing for a pleasant evening that is opening up as the evening dawns.

The diseases than can manifest because of a deficient Kidney areLow back pain, Low Libido, Fatigue, Kidney stones, swelling in ankles because of fluid retention, nausea, shortness of breathe.

7.00 PM – 9.00 PM – PERICARDIUM – Kapha

This is the time to invest in a relaxed atmosphere. A good evening with a pleasant disposition sets the mood for relaxation and rejuvenation. Especially after a warm bath, pericardium improves overall circulation in the body. It also relaxes the brain. A relaxed emotional state improves inter personal relations by improving essential attributes like compassion, empathy, love and caring.

Pericardium time is good for Prayers and Meditation. Also, a winding down time for an emotional heart relaxes your mind and body.

Consuming pleasant soup or savoring a warm drink at this time enhances your moods and also prepares you emotionally to enjoy good food. If emotions are relaxed, food also is enjoyed well. A healthy eating habit at this time also ensures proper digestive function.

The diseases than can manifest because of a deficient Pericardium areBreathing difficulties, Low grade fever, feeling of fullness in the chest, breathing difficulty while lying down, chest pain.

9.00 PM – 11.00 PM – CIRCULATION – Kapha

This is the most crucial time as the day is coming too an end. This time is your investment and it ensures the health of your tomorrow. The body gently slows down the metabolic activity to bring restfulness. The lymphatic activity is set in motion. This is the most ideal time to retire for the day. Any activity from your end will prevent any repair function of the body to happen.

Toxin accumulation will happen at this time if rest is not given to the body. Lymphatic functions will get disturbed because of your conscious wakeful activity.

Not giving rest at this time will lead to thyroid disorders, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, migraines, lymph node formations, incomplete sleep, low immunity, low grade fevers and impotency.

The diseases than can manifest because of a deficient Circulation areDarkening of skin, fatigue, cold hands and feet, cramps and numbness, joint pains, swelling in ankles and feet, inability to cognise, lack of comprehension and recollection, lack of clarity in thinking, memory loss.

11.00 PM – 1.00 AM – GALL BLADDER – Pitta

This time is extremely crucial for fat metabolism and detoxification. Hormones are balanced at these times. Immunity building is the strongest at these times. All repairs relating to the heart, muscles, intestines, and the cellular metabolism are rejuvenated at this time. A Deep Sleep state is most essential at this time. A wakeful state will disturb the functions of the Gall Bladder leading to lower metabolic activity and fat metabolism will suffer.

The Gall Bladder is a very sensitive organ that works based on mental energies, basically emotions. When you are awake at this time, your mind is usually in a state of agitation and is indecisive. The energies are also erratic. The bile secreted is also erratic thereby leading to either excess bile or lower quantity of bile being secreted.

Cellular regeneration also suffers as waking state interferes with the body’s intelligence and repair is not possible. The elimination of toxins from tissues is hampered leading to higher toxic accumulations in your cells.

The Gall Bladder is stressed beyond its own capacity. Excess unused bile and other salts crystallize lead to the formation of gall stones.

The diseases than can manifest because of a deficient Gall Bladder are – Nausea, Flatulence, Vomiting, Low fat metabolism, Mid back pain, Chills, Fever, Diarrhoea, Vomiting of excess bile, Gall Stones, Indecisiveness, Agitation.

1.00 AM – 3.00 AM LIVER – Pitta

The function of detoxification is at its peak. Liver also stores blood and governs the energy of the body. A healthy Rasa Dhatu will lead to a healthy Mamsa Dhatu. Healthy muscular tissue depends on a healthy liver. Liver is the seat of Agni. Eyes function on the energy of Agni. A weak liver leads to weak eye sight.

Muscles and Tendons grow stronger and have better flexibility if the liver is healthy. Excessive use of the body at these times releases excess lactic acid thereby making the liver toxic. Muscle cramps and stiffness, muscle Tumors and other muscular disorders occur because of a toxic liver.

Lactic acid also stiffens muscles and arteries. Liver controls fat metabolism. Blood carries all toxic material making it thicker and more viscous. These pathological anomalies lead to increase in blood pressure. Also, as blood is not purified, skin is also affected. Hives, Rashes, Psoriasis and other severe skin ailments occur because of toxic blood as a result of a toxic liver.

Liver stores emotions. As liver is a pitta organ, it is natural for one to be short tempered, unreasonable in behavior and be restless in mind. Frustrations in life will be evident and mood swings are a natural occurrence. You will lose the ability to plan your day and will lose focus and concentration. Memory becomes weaker as days progress.

Blood shot eyes, pressures in the head, neck and shoulders accompanied with pain, dizziness, migraine headaches, acidity, ulcers and other ailments are a natural occurrence because of a toxic liver.

Erratic hunger, emotional eating and other psychosomatic disorders are all the result of a toxic, agitated liver. Obesity is the result.

The diseases than can manifest because of a deficient Liver areObesity, Low fat metabolism, Low energy levels, Chronic Fatigue, Drowsiness, Dark Yellow urine, Jaundice, Swelling in legs and ankles, Darkening of skin, Hives, Rashes, Anger, Short tempered, Restlessness, Moody, Suicidal tendencies, Depression, Migraines, Hair loss, Early greying of hair, Baldness.


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