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Ravishankar Krishnamurthy Nadi Vaidya (Siddha), Yoga Acharya

I, Ravishankar Krishnamurthy am a Qualified & Practicing Ravana Nadi Vaidya (Pulse Diagnosis), Yoga Therapist & an Ayurvedic Acupuncturist.


I gained my qualifications through my initiation by a Siddha in Kerala (My Gurudeva), in a Gurukalam. I was handpicked and was told that I was to be initiated as I had to carry this tradition forward and spread the essence of this science as far as wide as possible in its purest form. I was nurtured with love and care to adopt this science.

I was initiated into a unique and powerful diagnostic tool called Ravana Nadi Pariksha, written by sage Ravana while in deep penance of Lord Shiva. I was very fortunate to learn this rare and powerful lost science under the watchful guidance of my Gurudeva.


A little about “Ravana Nadi”;

Ravana Naadi is pure and accurate Medical Astrology.

Ravana Naadi is a diagnostic tool to help you transform the health of your Body, Mind and Consciousness. And while you are in the process, it gives you practical solutions, which are relevant to modern life to promote optimal health at its roots.

True healing happens from within! The diagnosis reveals the deepest part of an individual’s mental and emotional plane. The cellular activities of the vital organs like Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Pancreas, Small and Large Intestines and the Lungs are clearly seen.

The revelations through Ravana Naadi helps you in aligning your life purpose and your actions thereby bringing harmony in your being. The ailments and diseases can be simultaneously treated.

The metabolic activities of the deeper tissues are diagnosed. This information helps to bring about complete healing of the individual from Mental, Emotional, Physical and also the psychic plane of Consciousness. The ultimate aim is to be in Joy, in pure existence. This science is rarely practiced today.


I also put into practice the ancient healing practices of Yoga, Marma, Ayurvedic Acupuncture and Siddha system of healing as envisaged by the 18 Siddhas including Sage Pathanjali and the Tantra Shastras, the absolute science of gaining Higher Consciousness.

All the Pranayamas in the Yoga Sutra are effectively put into practice to heal patients very gently but very effectively.

The therauptic aspects of Yoga and Siddha system of healing are designed to suit individual constitutions to bring abut healing that makes absolute sense to the individual.

My education and qualification in Management principles has helped me in presenting this science in a perspective that would change the outlook of people towards their health and relate to Ayurveda and Yoga in a much better manner.


Till today, I have conducted close to 24000 Nadi Parikshas in India and abroad and have counselled more than 6000 individuals with a powerful programme called “MOUNA MUDRA”(The Attitude Of Silence) to heal them emotionally and elevate their mental energies. This has helped them overcome stress and bring Joy into their lives. These modules are specifically designed to their individual needs.

Most of my patients come from references of individuals who have been successfully treated under my care.

I have developed a system of maintaining records of my diagnosis and therapies and their effects on individuals which is so far not present in the natural streams of medicine in India or anywhere else in the world.


I have successfully conducted seminars, Nadi Pariksha workshops and health awareness programmes in France, Dubai and in Bangkok. I have been recently invited to conduct these seminars in the United States and Germany. Preparations are on to conduct these programmes in the immeditate future.

Corporate programmes for Stress Management have been conducted for various prestigious institutions like the IAS Academy in Mussoorie for Senior and Junior IAS Officers, Roundglass USA and Luthra & Luthra Law Firm at the Head Office in Delhi to name a few prestigious organizations.


My Vision – To integrate ancient nature oriented systems of Ayurveda, Yoga and The Siddha system of healing into the lives of human beings and qualitatively enhance their Spiritual potential and thereby bring harmony in the coexistence with all other beings on our planet.

My Mission – To revive the ancient diagnostic knowledge of Ravana system of Nadi Pariksha and other supporting systems which positively impact the masses; infuse healing based on its findings through Ayurveda,Yoga and Siddha system of healing and other related Spiritual texts to enhance the quality of global human lifestyles by addressing the conscious uplifting of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

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A purely holistic method of treating & empowering an individual with the knowledge & working principles of Siddha medicine, Tantra Shastra, Ayurveda & Yoga was envisaged to help heal oneself of his/her problems…..for life; both on the Physical, Mental and Spiritual planes.

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Biological Clock

The Biological Clock is the active intelligence of the body that nature has programmed in the human body so that humans can resonate with the vibratory frequencies of nature and stay healthy.

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Take Less Medicines & Spend Less to Heal

The whole purpose of writing this article was to give an in-depth view of what Yoga has come to be today against what it was envisioned to be by our sages and seers as expounded in the Vedantic texts of Shukla and Krishna Yejurveda.

As time passed by and life in general took the fast lane, the whole science of Yoga also was transformed by man to enable it to adopt itself to the new generation. Little did these change makers realize that this science was to be utilized in its purest form as the wisdom of its practice lies in its philosophy rather than its gross practice of performing Asanas and Pranayamas.

The science is purely intuitive in nature and needs a great level of patience and necessitates one to take an inward journey that with a lot of patience, zeal and enthusiasm. These were conveniently forgotten as with them, the science could not have been diluted.

With the advent of the so called “Modern Yoga”, people still find themselves lost and take to it only when they seek solace from their problems in life. A combination of physical postures and a set of breathing practices seem to be all they are exposed to. With close introspection, it is found that even with the application of a couple of these practices, the results are profoundly soothing and calming on a person.

It’s high time the science is explored and revealed to its full potential and people get to utilize it in its true form. This will open new dimensions in a person’s understanding of life and its true purpose. Yoga is not an activity but is in essence a true way of living.

Every moment can be a moment in Yoga, a truly blissful experience. When this happens, everything else drops away to give a person the most valuable experience in life – The Moment Of Joy.

All our actions in life and all that we acquire is to get this elusive Joy. With the practice of living in Yoga, this happens without any of these acquisitions. And what we have in our possession so far can be enjoyed without getting attached to it. We are thus liberated for life and freedom dawns on us instantly. All our feelings of limitations, delusions and illusions wither away and we are exposed to the most powerful event in life – Self Realization.

Do join me on this journey which happens through 3 articles. the article is called “A LIFE’s JOURNEY THROUGH YOGA” The articles are written in a sequence to provide easy understanding and starts with the understanding of where Yoga stands today followed by its true meaning and lastly, how the truest form of Yoga can be adopted into our lives effortlessly to give us eternal peace and freedom.

1. The 1st of the 3 articles is called “Yoga as it stands today”.

The other 2 articles will follow with the titles,

2. The Philosophy and Practices in Yoga as envisioned by our Sages

3. Happiness, Freedom and Joyful Liberation through living in Yoga

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