Fresh, tender coconut is comparatively easier to digest as compared to matured coconut. Mature coconut is not to be mistaken for dried coconut.

The positive properties of fresh, tender coconut are;

1. Gently mixes with the food

2. Coats it with sweet taste

3. Is friendly to the mucous membrane in the mouth

4. Provides a sweet after taste of the food (Vipaka)

5. It helps in the production of semen by improving reproductive tissue

6. Prevents depletion of bodily tissues

7. Provides physical strength

8. Reduces burning sensation in the body

9. Reduces diarrhoea caused by excess acid in the body

10. Helps to control Vata and Pitta

The negative properties of fresh, tender coconut are;

1. It is heavy to digest

2. It promotes weight gain

3. Should be consumed in marginal quantity by obese people

When the coconut becomes more ripe, its Kapha properties increase. It becomes very heavy to digest. It also makes food heavy. The result is undigested food. It makes the food toxic and also makes post digested food acidic. You will experience acidic burps too.

It is important to note here that fresh, tender coconut when preserved in a refrigerator for more than 2-3 days will also become heavy to digest.


Coconut water is a known antacid. It also helps in overcoming the sensation of burning while passing urine. It prevents urine retention, alleviates thirst and also contribute to the storage of healthy body fluids thereby helping to hydrate tissues and increase their longevity.

Coconut water is also helpful to alkalise the body and promote healthy reproductive fluids thereby making the semen healthy and fertile. This automatically translates to improving immunity and strength in the body.

How much to consume – 150 – 200 ml per day

When to consume – 1 hour after any food / meal, not after 4 pm

The benefits of tender Coconut water are;

1. It cools the body

2. Alkalises the blood

3. Heals gastric ulcers (in combination with other lifestyle and dietary changes)

4. Prevents burning of eyes

5. Cools the skin

6. Cleanses the urinary bladder

7. Prevents burning sensation while urination

8. Improves Semen count

9. Improves semen quality

10. Promotes cellular metabolism

11. Promotes healthy reproduction of cells and tissues in the body

12. Is anti-aging as it improves cell and tissue life


It is a very nourishing drink. It improves strength and immunity of the body. It relieves anorexia and helps in creating a better environment for digestion and absorption of food.


Coconut oil has a bitter taste. But the property of the oil makes it safe to consume. But increasing the quantity is not good for the heart. Here are some of the benefits of the bitterness present in coconut oil;

1. In increases digestion strength

2. It cleanses and detoxifies excess mucous accumulation

3. Improves respiratory conditions

4. It detoxifies blood

5. Improves immunity and helps battle Viruses and Bacteria

6. Decreases excess fat in the blood

7. It aids in the healing of skin disorders

8. It heals wounds and prevents pus formation

9. Relieves burning sensation in the body as well in the extremities

10. Cleanses the oral cavities

11. Maintains metabolic heat when consumed in the proper quantity

How much to consume – 1 – 2 tablespoons a day

When to consume – on empty stomach and 1 hour after lunch

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