Desires are a non-essential part of your existence. They can travel with you harmlessly provided you do not actively seek them.
If you SEEK your desires, they begin to haunt you and will then create a lot of ruffles and disturbance in your mind. Desires provide momentum to your life journey. But if you yield to them, then you are pulled away from your purpose of this life’s journey and your life loses its meaning. 
Desireless-ness does not exist in one’s active life. When your journey becomes a seeking of your inner core, desires automatically drop away. 
Trying to do away with desires will only make you fight them. And what you resist will persist. 
Your misery in life is not because of your desires but because of your lack of your will to understand your life’s journey. 
Desires cannot complete you but your understanding of your inner self will. When you become one with your inner self, your feeling of lack is replaced by happiness and this leads to an experience of Joy within. 
This feeling of completeness then becomes your will to march ahead with dynamic will and achieve a state of Samadhi or a merging of your soul with that of Universal Consciousness

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