Dialogues with my Guru and Spiritual Mentor

Interactions with my Guruji
Interactions with my Guruji

This is a transcript of some of the conversations with my Guruji

 Myself: If I, the Karta, through the Karma, perform the Kriya, then I am known to perform or complete the process called action.

Guruji : Action  without Karta bhava is Kriya. When you have the Karta bhava ie. I am the doer, and then it becomes Karma.

Explaination : When we perform actions without the ownership of wanting to do the action, the action becomes meaningless. When we involve ourselves in our actions, then we take responsibility for our actions. Here we become the doers of the action. This action then becomes our Karma, actions done in awareness.


Myself:  I assume here that the action is performed in anticipation of a particular result.

Guruji : Right. If you have a desire and are doing the Karma (as the doer) to fulfill the desire then the result of the Karma is the Karma Phala

Explaination: When we perform actions with a desire, then as we have taken ownership for the actions done, we also are responsible for the karma as a result of such actions.

Myself : Again it is assumed that this act is performed out of my ignorance and in my limited capacity which allows me to believe that the result of my action is leading to happiness. Well, this does not happen to be so.

Guruji: Right. I am ignorant about my completeness and hence feel limited and to overcome this agony of incompleteness, have a desire and am prompted to do action to complete my self, hoping that it will lead to happiness/completeness. I also enjoy a momentary sense of happiness/completeness as a result of fulfillment of the desire but soon the agony of incompleteness again pops up and a new desire is entertained and as a result action prompted again. And this goes on and on. This vicious circle is the story of our life.

Explaination: By resorting to desire filled actions, we bind ourselves to these actions and as a result, to the karmas as a consequence. Then there is no point in lamenting about our past karmas as these actions have been initiated by us to fulfill our desires. Now desires here cannot be qualified as good or bad. Desires are desires…….!!


Myself: Now assuming that I have realized the essence of the divine through Self Knowledge, Then;

1. Who initiates the action in me and for what reason?

Guruji: Earlier I was doing action prompted by my ego and ego centric desires. (Ego = I and I want. or I am the doer and I am the enjoyer). Now after realization, my actions are an expression of my divinity within. (My ego is dead and hence there is no action prompted by my ego or any ego centric desire.) I do actions fearlessly for Loka sangrah ie. Without ego and for fulfilling non egocentric desires.

Explaination: After we have realized ourselves, then our actions are performed not for the fulfillment of desires of the ego and is not done out of ignorance. These actions are performed in absolute awareness, and then these actions are an expression of the divine where we identify with the divinity in each and every individual and serve without any selfish or other motives. So the karma aspect does not qualify or apply here as the action is not performed for the individual within us but is an expression of the divine onto others from the divine within us. Since the action is attributed to the divine, the results of such actions are also attributed to the divine.

2. If the realization is complete, is action required at all as happiness is not a result of action but a result of Self Knowledge….

Guruji: After complete realization for a Jivan Mukta no Karma is there, there is only Kriya. The equipment(s) ie. The body, mind and intellect may do, or may not do Kriya depending upon the past momentum. Because there is no Karta, there is no Karma, and if there is any action, it is only Kriya.

Explaination: Once the knowledge of “Who I Am” is achieved, we need not have to necessarily get into any unnecessary actions other than that which is required to mobilize the body to do its routine duties. Such actions are performed as a result of our occupying this body. Even these actions take the expression of serving the divinity within us. Any other action apart from this is attributed to the service of the divinity within others, only if required or necessary. As we are not the doers of the action anymore (we do not have any more ego-centric desire to perform such actions, there are no selfish motives or desires involved), performance of any other action apart from those that take the form of an expression of the divinity does not exist.

3. If this state leads to inaction, then what happens to the instrument of action? Does it mean to say that my purpose in life is achieved and that the Jiva is ready to merge into the Brahman?

Guruji: A Jeevan Mukta is detached from the instruments of action. He is only an observer of the action or inaction of the instruments. Once the purpose of life is achieved, the Jiva is no more and you are a Jeevan Mukta and hence there is no question of “Jiva is ready to merge into the Brahma”. You got the body, mind and intellect to do Karma and for the bhog of the Prarabdha Karma.  It is a seat for the enjoyment/suffering of the fruits of the past Karma which had become ripe during this life.

By doing Karma Yoga you have purified your antahkarna and then through JNANA you have dispelled your ignorance and become a Jeevan Mukta. Your Body, Mind Intellect equipment continue to be the seat for suffering/enjoyment of the fruits of the Past Karmas and the Karmas done in the present life but you being a Jeevan Mukta do not get affected by them as the enjoyer (ego) is no more there. The Body Mind Intellect equipment which is made of the panch maha bhutas will in due course merge in to their source ie.the panch maha bhutas. This is called Videhe Mukti.


Explaination : Once you have achieved total knowledge, the body only serves as a vehicle to effectively burn up all the accumulated karmas of the past actions. What is very important to understand here is the importance of the body. Though the individual who has become a Jivan Mukta (a realized one) does not perform the actions for a specific desire, he performs actions with the intention of exhausting all the karmas he has accumulated. He does not look at the result of these actions as they are no more important to him. This does not mean that he will perform meaningless actions. Whatever be his actions, he will no more accumulate karmas through his present actions as he is no more the Body. Mind or Intellect. He has detached himself from these limitations but is effectively using these instruments to liberate himself from the cycle of birth and death, thereby attaining total liberation.


I didn’t start with saying “Good Questions” in the beginning and am doing so in the end, as Pujya Gurudev used say that if you do that in the beginning the questioner’s ego gets bloated and his mind takes a flight elsewhere thinking how bright I am, or how hard I have been studying or that no body is like me and hence it is not then available to understand the answers.


  • Ganesh
    Posted August 31, 2014 8:21 pm 0Likes

    Dear Sir,
    The explanation is helpful to understand the realm of mukti. However, I understand that it is not possible to know it unless I experience mukti. Request your guidance to get there.

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted September 1, 2014 8:01 am 0Likes

      Namaste Ganesh,

      I’m glad you are looking at the meaning of life in a very objective manner. I will be most glad to guide you in this matter. I frequently conduct Vedanta sessions. I just concluded one session in the Himalayas over 20 days.

      But these studies are very deep in essence and involve practical sessions for you to experience the deep essence of living in the “Here and Now”. Being one with your consciousness, one can attain a very blissful state within oneself and be unaffected by the world around.

      If you are interested, kindly do write to me. We shall plan these sessions. If you can get a group, it will help too as this will provide an opportunity to practice these sessions and will be motivational in nature.

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