Our sense provide us the facility of understanding the world and deriving a meaning out of the information perceived through it. Therefore, the sense organs become a means to our expression to the outside world.

If we employ the sense organs to work for us and use it with discrimination, we set a stage of detachment and the the expressions so obtained through them are devoid of unnecessary or unwanted perceptions and feelings. Thus, our journey can become one filled with wisdom. We lead a life of discrimination and dispassion. We can be in a state of ‘Here and now’ and become a true expressions of our consciousness.

On the other hand, if we allow our sense to direct us, we will get driven and bound by their whims and fancies and thus get trapped in their limitations. Our world then will no more be one of wisdom; it will become gross and meaningless. We will feel feel powerless and inadequate.

To be in a meditative state, we need to be detached from all our instruments and equipment (senses and sense organs). This will pave the path to liberation.

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