The mind operates on the basis of duality. It is directed to perceive and compare against a pre-established information that is stored in the intellect. This store house of pre-established information is also based on the perceptions of the mind which went through the same process before.

All that we experience; good vs bad, yes vs no, right vs wrong, fair vs not fair are all perceptions of the mind working against itself. And the culprit is the ego.

A question can be asked here – If such comparisons should lead one to decide an option, and if this option were to be right, then why is there misery and sorrow? Why is there no satisfaction or contentment?

We indulge in ‘sensory pleasures’ and also reap the results of such perceived pleasures only to realize that we are tempted with new desires.

The intellect projects unfulfilled desires of the past onto the mind. The mind in turn uses the senses to feel or locate ways to fulfill these desires. As the senses lead us to such activities, the ego ponders over the results of such activities. As these activities achieve a so called ‘completion’, the mind begins to analyze these results because of its essential nature of duality.

For example, material desires are just an excuse to fulfill certain emotional cravings in the mind. But when the desire is fulfilled, the satisfaction is incomplete as the original desire is yet not addressed.

As the mind under the influence of its nature of duality compares the result with the preempted expectation of the ego, a new wave of dissatisfaction arises.

When we get entangled in the triangle of Mind-Ego-Intellect, we find ourselves repeatedly pulled and pushed by action and sorrow. The actions are never ending, the results are never achieved and the desires are never fulfilled.

To achieve a state of contentment and bliss, we should desist from getting pulled by the desires projected by the intellect. The senses should be controlled. We should withdraw from the pulls and pushes of the external world driven by the ego. All these are a play of the mind only.

By going inward and contemplating on the nature of the pure self, we will reveal to ourselves the existence of our consciousness. Here no duality exists. We will only experience bliss, the true nature of Brahman.

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