Sinusitis is marked by expression of symptoms like headache ( pain may increase when person bends down ), facial swelling, pressure on sinus tissues ( around nose ), fever, nasal congestion etc. Sometimes it is also associated with nasal polyps, sore throat, cough, tooth pain, ear pain, bad breath and even eye pain.

Sinusitis is mostly seen in younger generation, specially in children of age group of 8yrs to 20yrs. Also people living in urban areas are seen suffering from sinusitis more than rural areas.

Sinusitis has two types, acute and chronic. Frequent attacks of acute sinusitis can lead to chronic stage and treating this condition becomes challenging for a Vaidya. Chronic stage can lead to fatigue, mental irritation, low concentration levels, difficulty in breathing and low appetite. In worst cases, students may loose their focus and their performance in exams may suffer.

Ayurveda has laid down powerful remedies for sinusitis in the form of treatment as well as preventions so that frequent attacks of sinusitis can be prevented. In most of the cases, very positive responses are seen just by changing diet and lifestyle habits as per person’s prakruti ( original constitution ).

Building up one’s immunity is a key factor in the line of treatment. This can easily be achieved by taking complete responsibility of one’s health. Parents and family members are also expected to participate in this process, specially for kids and teenagers. Just avoiding cold foods and junk food is not the final answer to get rid of sinusitis but introducing right eating habits, right lifestyle and positive thought process can help you to permanently heal.

Following remedies need not work for every body. You will need to seek professional advice to understand your prakruti and vikruti to effectively treat your sinusitis. Nadi Pariksha will help you to ascertain your prakruti and vikruti . This will provide the right knowledge to treat your sinusitis in respect to your constitution.

  1. Take Half a teaspoon of Hing + 50ml of Til oil + a pinch of camphor. Mix it well and apply on the chest, throat and sinus areas
  2. Mix Tulsi juice 1 teaspoon and honey 1 teaspoon. Consume it thrice daily.
  3. Put 3 drops of medicated saline water in each nostril to flush the mucous.

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