it is imperative that one who wants to be connected to the consciousness within has to be free of any emotional bondage. This is the most important pre-requisite for a Nadi Vaidya.

When one is affected mentally, one is also troubled physically. The reason is the only way the mind expresses itself is through the body…

Thought and emotional expression happen by way of connection between the Manas (Mind), The nervous system (Majjavaha Srotas) – through the nerve tissue (Majjha Dhatu) as well as the organs in the body helping in the expression of emotions – The Heart and Pericardium.

The energy that works to convert a perception as feelings via the heart into expressions as emotions through the nerves is called Sadhaka Pitta. In this, the lungs also play a very important part in regulating the breathe to emphasize the expression of the emotion.

This whole system of expression is mainly triggered off by the mind through the intellect where the desire originates. As the desire originates, the mind brings out sequences of similar events stored in the subconscious mind as information to substiantiate the desire.

When the action does not match the desire, a reaction takes place which triggers of fresh desires. Here the nature of Sadhaka Pitta (depending on the predominant energy flow in the body of any of the tridoshas) influences the emotion in a major way. Reactions in the form of emotions and ailments surface both on the Mental as well as the Physical Level such as… For eg,.


1). If the Sadhaka Pitta is inflenced by Vayu, the emotions that can triggered off will be one of Fear, A Compromising attitude, being Emotionally unstable, Very sensitive, experiencing Unconnected thinking, Anxiety, Weak Memory, Dreams of flying, Flight, Restlessness, Anxiety, Sadness etc.

2). If the Sadhaka Pitta is inflenced by Pitta, the resultant emotions are Anger, Irritation, being short-fused, Dreams of fighting, Too much of planning, pressing for too many details in a given situation, becoming Reactive, Frustrated, Irritated, showing Adamant Behaviour, Throwing tantrums, being Vengenceful, Righteous Indignation, Agitation etc.

3). If the Sadhaka Pitta is influenced by Kapha, the resultant emotions are one of Depression, Slow thinking and slow assimilation of information, one Does not get influenced easily, shows Lack of initiative, suffers Inability to think or reason, shows Stubbornness, Unreasonable behaviour etc..


When Sadhaka Pitta acts through the body under the influence of Vayu, it bring our psychological reactions such as Gassi-ness, Bloatedness, Stiff neck, Stiff Back, Hurried eating, Vayu type Migraines, Dizziness, Ringing in the ears, Nose leaking with thin mucus (Agitated Tarpaka Kapha), Very Light disturbed sleep, Vata type Constipation or loose stools, Stiff Joints, Nervous cracking and popping of joints, Restless behaviour, Hairfall, Stiffened Muscles (even stiff posture while walking), Twiching of muscles, Muscular Spasms, Hurried Actions, etc..

When Sadhaka Pitta acts through the body under the influence of Pitta, it bring our psychological reactions such as Acidity, Dry Darkened skin, Rashes, Eczema, Psoriasis, Better sleep but with snoring, Pitta Type Migraines, Dandruff, Smelly White Discharge, Pitta Type Constipation or Semi solid stools, Excessive yellow coloured Mucoid secretions, Reddened Eyes, A taste for hot and pungent foods, Excessive smelly sweating etc..

When Sadhaka Pitta acts through the body under the influence of Kapha, it bring our psychological reactions such as Inertia, Lethargy, Obesity, Deep sleep, Always feeling sleepy or dull, Breathing Disorders such as Asthma, etc..


There are very powerful ways to balance Sadhaka Pitta. To begin with, control over our “Thought Process” is necessary. We need to understand the way our mind and our psyche works.

We are thinking machines. We are constantly thinking, perceiving, judging and inferring. This is the process that needs active and conscious monitoring.

Our mind is only a processing machine that has no physical existence. It is directed to work based on the way we get ourselves to feel. Based on the belief system that has been imparted to us an essential tool to survive, we begin to perceive our environment, our surroundings and our situations and circumstances. When we perceive, we feel.

Our emotions are the direct result of the way we feel. And our actions are directly related to our emotions. Therefore, we are directing ourselves to act. If we do not bcome aware of our feelings, we will feel that we have become a victim to our actions. The result of the process during ‘Feeling-Emoting-Action’ is what is indicated above as symptoms that the mind and the body experience.


Our breathe becomes a key during this whole process. While we are being sub-consciously driven to Feel-Emote and Act, our breathe is being constantly regulated to help emote and act. As the regulation of the breathe, so is the way we emote and act. Therefore watching our breathe becomes the key.

Our breathe drives us both inward as well as outward. The outward going breathe leads us to perceive the outside world. And the inward travelling breathe makes us aware of our consciousness.

Our perception of the outer world should be in relation to the inner consciousness. This is the only way we can bring in a state of equanimity within ourselves while facing any situation. This will also nullify all emotional conflicts and make us be in the world and not become a part of it.


NEXT ARTICLE TO FOLLOW – How should a Nadi Vaidya not allow Emotions to influence breathing and cause diseases and be DISEASE – FREE forever……


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