To understand and appreciate the contents of this article, I would want you to read my earlier article on this blog called “The Digestion of Emotions and Foods“. This explains in detail the manifestation of our emotions through our body in various zones and the effects it has on our system. Also, various diseases that manifest as a result of these emotional manifestations are also elaborated.


A Nadi Vaidya can perform a thorough Nadi Pariksha only when he is totally tuned to his consciousness and is fully alive in it.

Our consciousness is the only one that is “eternally alive” when we are awake and also when we are asleep. We are not conscious of our existence in sleep but our consciousness keeps us alive throughout our sleep till we awaken the following morning.

Our consciousness is the only “witness” to all our perceptions and feelings, thoughts, emotions as well as actions performed either consciously or unconsciously. We also need to live and conduct our life, our thoughts and actions in a similar manner, unaffected as a witness to all the actions performed by our Body, Mind and Intellect.

Our consciousness works in the background throughout our existence. And yet it stays unaffected by our actions. When we perform our actions, think our thoughts or experience an emotion or feeling, our consciousness in the background, subtly makes us aware of what we are indulging in at this moment. Even while you are reading this artlcle, your consciousness is aware of you reading this article where your eyes are reading the words, your mind is forming the sentences and your brain is assimilating the information to make it meaningful and relevant to you.

Living in and working through our consciousness means staying in absolute harmony in our inner world as well as with all the manifestations in the outside world. This means we need to establish mental calmness. This is the only way we can detach ourselves from our mind.


We live in a world of ‘Names and Forms‘. Our identification with this world of names and forms happens through our equipments of Body, Mind and our Intellect. Through these equipments, we are constantly perceiving, feeling and thinking. Liberating ourselves from the influences of our perceptions, feelings and thoughts and forfeiting the use of the body, mind and intellect for this purpose gives us the ability to live in and work through our consciousness.

Mind is just ‘Thought Flow‘. All our thoughts get qualified by our perceptions and feelings. Because of this ‘qualified‘ thought flow, we ‘visualize our version of the reality‘ because of which we tend to experience Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Frustration, Anxiety, Fear etc.

When there is ‘no qualified thought flow‘, thoughts ceaze to distract us and slowly the thoughts exhaust themselves. When there is absence of thoughts, there is emptiness. This emptiness is a state of no mind. And it is establishing this state that is the key to start living in and working through our consciousness.

Our perceptions and feelings bring about their influence on the world of names and forms. The instrument that qualifies these perceptions and feelings is our Ego. In a bid to feel happy, complete and in harmony, the ego binds itself to these names and forms and tries to derive happiness through them. But in doing so, it finds itself torn between likes and dislikes, happiness and sadness, anger and frustration etc. Thus, due to the plurality of expressions, it gets further entrenched in misery.

Our mind perceives and feels through our senses. And the senses qualify the sensed objects. Thus the objects are qualified as ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘liked’, ‘disliked’, ‘attractive’, ‘unattractive’ etc. With such dualities and pluralities present, the mind is constantly in turmoil. The only way out is to totally distance ourselves from our perceptions and feelings.

All our perceptions and thoughts are expressed by the mind through the body. Every thought is a desire for gratification originating from the intellect. The expression of this desire happens through the physical equipment called the ‘Body’. By “Preferring not to recognize or acknowledge our perceptions and feelings, we directly nullify the desire. Thus the body stays calm and unaffected.

Thus with the duality of the mind getting done away with, the mind will have no option but to quiten down. But the mind though dormant, is a volatile force. To condition its working, we need to empower it by ‘redirecting it to more harmonious actions‘. Harmonious actions will establish a sense of peace and calmness within and gradually withdraw us from the duality.

Harmonious actions can only come out of harmonious thoughts. Thus by “Preferring to think in a certain fashion”, we can manifest harmonious actions that will calm the Body, Mind an Intellect.
This can happen only be adopting the following techniques;

1). Practicing forgiveness means we do not allow anger to manifest in us. Rather we replace it empathy and compassion.

2). Being straightforward in our relationship with others allows harmony and wellness to prevail. This also allows the fullest of genuine expressions to blossom along with the existence of healthy values to prevail in the relationship. Additionally, a spiritual bond is established.

3). Practicing Kindness brings a soul awakening experience. We feel spiritually elated and feel fully satisfied when we show an act of kindness. Mental calmness is established and stays for a long time.

4). Practicing honesty and truthfullness in thought and deed establishes in us a calm and unwavering mind. Moreover, it heightens our self esteem thereby making us feel very purposeful in our actions. The net result is calmness and Joy within, and a healthy environment around us.

5). Practicing Cheerfullness and being lively re-awakens the child in us. We become ready to explore all the beautiful moments, living in the present moment all the time. This makes us alive and aware of each and every thought and action. The result is harmony within and around us.


Our breathe is the only living force that makes us experience every moment. Because of the stressful lives that we lead today, we are not aware of the breathe acting or reacting to each and every impulse of the mind.

Both thought and breathe are a part of the Prana or life force. By controlling one part, we can gain control over the other. By practice, we discover that it is easier to control and regulate our breathe than our thoughts.

Depending on the nature of our feelings as we perceive, our breathe gets automatically directed to certain zones of the body, moving either upward or downward. This enables our body to respond to the way we feel and we are forced to act on this feeling. Our body either stiffens or slackens. Through the expressions of our body, we either decide to run away or stay and face the situation.


We have 3 diaphragms in the body. The 1st one is at the pelvic region, just below the navel. The 2nd one is at the region of our Diaphragm, just below the rib cage and the 3rd one on the crown, in the region of the occiput. This is where a very powerful Marma exists called the Adipathi Marma controlling the central nervous system.

Through conscious control on the volume and the direction of breathe using these 3 diaphragms, one is able to change one’s level of consciousness and prevent thoughts from manifesting in our mind. Our senses are calmned. Then, withdrawing the senses and establishing a meditative state within us becomes extremely easy.

As the outer manifestations of the body cease, the body relaxes and allows to heal itself through its own internal intelligence.


  • momentumofjoy
    Posted March 30, 2012 10:12 am 0Likes

    So interesting! Thank you for sharing this info. 🙂

    • ayurvedantayoga
      Posted April 16, 2012 2:23 pm 0Likes

      Thank You 🙂

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted September 1, 2014 1:14 pm 0Likes

      Thank you!

  • Ganesh
    Posted August 31, 2014 7:54 pm 0Likes

    This is great. The information shared helps understand mind & body relation with consciousness.
    Request your help in practicing method of using our diaphragms to regulate breath. Thank you again

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted September 1, 2014 8:08 am 0Likes

      Namaste Ganesh,

      There are 3 diapraghms that should be activated to enhance Prana in the body. Also, they help in releasing the stored up residual vibrations that influence psycho-somatic activity in an individual. This prevents a person from ascending to higher states of consciousness and retains him in the gross plane.

      These kriyas can be learnt over a period of time to enhance one’s spiritual quotient and enable one to experience deeper states of consciousness that are both relaxing and liberating.

      I will be visiting Bangalore by the 8th or 9th of this month. Let us find a mutually convenient time to start this practice.

      I also have to caution you here that unless you are ready to completely surrender to the practice, the results cannot be experienced. You will have to be absolutely absorbed in these kriyas. I will guide you in this regard.

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