When you take birth, you enter the body as pure consciousness with the understanding that using the tools of expression (mind, senses and sense organs of expression), you should work with the intention of releasing yourself from the bondage of your past impressions (you may also term this as past karmas). And through this process, you liberate yourselves from the cycles of birth and death and merge with the ultimate source, the Brahman.

As you age and begin to relate to your surroundings, you get entangled with the ways of the world and your society etc. Due to our lack of focus and weakness in your intent, and having indulged in the pleasures and experienced the pains, your will to be in Joy becomes dull. And as you get entangled with the desires, you end up creating more bondage.

A simple example to quote is the pressures of owning wealth and material objects to get identified with and get accepted in a state of society to which you want to be seen associated with. As you achieve one ladder, you earn more only to ascend to a higher social circle. But do you realize in this process, you are giving less and less time to your family, to your inner self and to the good within you?

This is a never ending process and you will always succumb to others desires and perceptions of you. And for those “who are victims of this unfortunate pass time”, you will feel like a puppet, trying to dance to the tunes of others expectations out of you. Though you may feel momentarily powerful within, you will always feel the pressures of getting more and more accepted and wanted by others like yourself.

And when your outer display of funny mannerisms, etiquette and attire do not get the desired recognition, you are irritated, fell unwanted, all you efforts to please feel inadequate. And this anger is expressed on to the miserable have-not’s.

All these arise out of 3 basic weaknesses – Lack of Self worth, Low Self esteem and poor Self Control.

The only way to achieve liberation is to attribute all your actions towards liberation only. And this means actively listening to your consciousness before you take any action. Nobody outside of you matters except your own very inner self.

Please remember, Satisfaction, Joy, Contentment are all attained from within and not as a gratice thrown by someone else outside of you, on to you.

There should be unconditional surrender to the result and the desires to perform meaningless actions should not be encouraged at any cost. What matters in the end is you and you alone.

You should work with the understanding that you are pure consciousness and not a part of the constituents of the gross body which are but a tool to help you purify yourself and attain liberation. The ornamental display on the body is a thoroughly wasteful exercise, when over done.

Your consciousness is the source and light of all your actions. You should work only from this understanding and should not stoop to the levels of the gross lustful desires of the mind and body.

This way, you will forever be eternally pure, Happy and Free.

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