The word stress itself brings a feeling of low. Saying the word leaves a deep impact of discomfort. Surprisingly, the word actually means every little. Stress is the absence of information to tackle any situation.

Is it so simple? Yes it is….

Let’s observe situations in our life closely. We can safely take common examples which we go through every day.

TRAFFIC JAMS – These are not in our control. And we do not know what causes them. We do not know who is responsible for it. We do not know who is taking responsibility to clear the jam. We do not know what time we will reach where need to get to.

DARK PLACES or STREETS – We cannot see ahead so information is incomplete. We do not know the people as we cannot see them, darkness is mysterious so we get stressed, the unknown projects horrifying thoughts and imaginations, darkness causes lack of vision so nothing is clear, shadows in darkness play tricks and we mistake objects to be dangerous, darkness causes wrong information in our minds.

HUMAN BEHAVIOR  – Human behavior is unpredictable. Our truths are variable based on our position in any given situation, our loyalties are questionable based on our circumstances, our information can be quoted differently based on the context we prefer to see them through, our beliefs vary based on our needs and wants, and our preferences are ever changing.

PAST SITUATIONS IN OUR LIFE – Past situations pose more hurdles in our life than what is present in front of us.

Examples can be innumorous. We need to understand certain common factors in all the above examples and from our experiences in life from similar situations. These are;

Stress is induced into us by ourselves.The causes of stress are known provided we are attentive and watchful, but unfortunately it does not happen so If we focus on the stress, the situation that caused the stress becomes evident

If we analyse our position, we come to realize a couple of interesting facts;

  • We would have overplayed our role in the situation which caused stress
  • We could have faltered in looking at the situation carefully.
  • We may have gone overboard in the situation crossing our limitations and got stuck
  • We may have over committed in our enthusiasm and blundered in our delivery
  • We may have miscalculated our time factor and found ourselves in an embarrassing situation
  • We would have taken emotional decisions which could have backfire

Handling stress can be done in the following ways;

  1. Become aware of the situation by observing details cautiously
  2. Be patient in the situation. Your observations will be better
  3. Become accustomed to unpredictable situations most understandably as nothing beyond yourself is in your control actually.
  4. Do not lose self control. Do not get angry.
  5. Focus on the detail to make out the relevant missing links
  6. Resolve with your past at the very earliest. It will help you in taking unbiased and unprejudiced decisions.
  7. Do not force yourself to take decisions unless most necessary
  8. Learn from your past experiences. Learning leads to wisdom and the mistakes you made in the past will not allow you to make similar mistakes.
  9. Be patient with yourself. Give allowances for mistakes in your life. Understand that you are human and making mistakes is normal but repeating them is not.
  10. Love yourself and respect all that you do. You are your best friend. Do not let yourself down for anything.
  11. Do not do anything while you are driven by emotions. Resist taking decisions. You will thank yourself for having stalled your decision.
  12. Get good sleep and lots or rest in your day, through your life. This will help you tide over any situation beautifully.


  • Prathima Ravi Prakash
    Posted December 25, 2018 1:53 pm 0Likes

    I am very grateful to my NadiVaidyar RaviShankar. I consulted him in the month of June & to my amazement he could pinpoint my stress, tension etc by his way of Nadi Pariksha. He could tell me when exactly I had high level of stress without me prompting.
    He counselled me, guided me, taught me some kriya yoga. Now I am calmer & able to handle situations without getting unnecessarily perturbed.
    Thank you very much Sir. I am indebted to you. I am practising kriya yoga regularly which is helping me.

  • Prathima Ravi Prakash
    Posted December 25, 2018 2:19 pm 0Likes

    I am grateful to NadiVaidyar Dr. RaviShankar for his expert counselling, guidance & Kriya Yogas. I was a highly stressed & tensed person when I consulted him but to the society i was a smiling person. He by his Naadi Pariksha pinpointed my weakness, flaws, life style etc without me telling him so. i was stunned by his observation & grateful to him for leading me in the right path. I practise the Kriya Yogas & meditation regulary. Thank you very very much.

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