Ayurveda recognises IBS as Grahani or Sangrahani. It is a psychosomatic lifestyle disorder marked by classical symptoms like loose motions and constipation etc. Weight loss may or may not occur and is related to the constitution of the patient. 
Although known as a chronic disorder, it is observed in young people; as young as 25 years of age. It is also proven to be reactive to heightened emotions where the mind and body are involved. The trigger of the symptoms can also be severe anxiety, or deep seated fear along with wrong food habits and lifestyle.
IBS largely happens because of nursing emotional turbulence from within and not giving the desired expressions. The body suffers the consequence of these agitated expressions which manifest in the form of acids released into the small intestines.
As a majority of these emotions manifest in the abdominal region; as a psychosomatic expression, a mixture of acids ( Ranjaka pitta ) agitate the tender walls of the intestines and consume the secondary mucosa. The intestines ,therefore ,are susceptible to certain foods which are harsh and incompatible to the person’s current constitution ( vikruti )
What the patient does not understand is a lack of clarity in his mindset. Through active counselling and soothing therapies, a patient’s is able to establish harmony within himself and hence, his immediate environment is restored. 

Through correctly-advised diet and changes in lifestyle, an individual can be weened out of irritable bowels and normal health can be achieved successfully.
A simple home remedy where a fresh juice of mint and coriander leaves mixed with buttermilk and consumed specifically at noon time can help in bringing control in IBS. Successful management of IBS and complete healing can only happen with the patient’s active involvement in his own healing and the successful healing of IBS can only be managed through application of the sound principles and timely intervention as prescribed in ayurvedic texts.
Dr.Rushalli has teamed up with me. She is an MD in Ayurveda, specialising in Kayachikitsa. She runs her Panchakarma clinic in Santacruz, Mumbai and offers a host of specialised, classical Ayurvedic therapies. 


  • asif
    Posted October 27, 2016 12:49 am 0Likes

    .sir my name is asif i am from Pakistan. I am suffering from ibs d. Last 6years When i take food when i go to wash room for passing lose stool.i treat a lot but not helpful I am not b able to enjoy my life. Please sir give my solution for for it. I am really thankful to u

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted November 3, 2016 3:07 pm 0Likes

      Dear Asif,

      Thank you for writing to me. I will not be able to prescribe any medication online based on your note. You will have to be physically present for a Nadi Pariksha.

      But. Can give you certain tips for you see some improvement in your condition.

      1. Do not drink water with food
      2. Do not eat in a hurry
      3. Give yourself sufficient time to finish you food. Do not rush on your food
      4. Do not stand and eat
      5. Do not talk or watch TV while eating
      6. Do not eat Non-Vegetarian food. They leave huge traces of toxins in both the large and small intestines
      7. Eat your last meal by sunset, latest by 7.30 pm
      8. Do not sleep immediately after meals
      9. Go to sleep before 10 pm
      10. Anger, agitation, frustration, anxiety and fear are some of the emotions which are responsible for IBS. Please be cautious before you get into such expressions, get away from environments that provoke such emotions in you.

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