Communication is the ability of letting others know. The crucial question is “Know What”??

Most of the times, we are communicating our feelings, our emotions and not the actual subject. Because of this the subject gets distorted and the meaning and context gets misplaced and misunderstood.

I keep observing animals very keenly. They I strongly believe, are sent by God to teach us to be “Simple and Humble”. Let us see a couple of things we can learn from them;

1. They are not demanding
2. They do not request an audience to announce their presence
3. They do not dress to impress, (except during courtship annually where they have to win over their mate for the sake of creating a strong progeny for their race to survive)
4. They are not emotional, except when they express anger as an instinct.
5. They are always loving, unconditionally.
6. When they love, they do so completely, they just surrender to you, completely
7. They do not hesitate to communicate their mind
8. They are forever in the current moment, always attentive and fresh (except when their health is upset)
9. They eat only when hungry and ignore the meal if they are full
10. They become content so very often
11. There is so much harmony among various animals in a single given environment
12. They do not keep grudges
13. They are never hurtful
14. They sleep easily

We are supposed to be more intelligent, understanding and rational in outlook. Our abilities should be much more refined, modest, caring and compassionate.

Where are we going wrong?

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