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A human (YOU) is a thinking animal. You are always constantly feeling and are constantly creating situations in your mind where none exist.

Your eyes ‘perceive’ and thats reality for you. Your ears ‘perceive’ a conversation where you attribute a meaning, according to the way you prefer to understand and infer, and in a way that makes sense to you alone.What tastes good today may not be true of yesterday or tomorrow as you do not feel the same etc. The examples can go on and on.

This is how your mind works. And it is in constant conflict with your consciousness. Your world of reality is not the world that is and has been in existence.

Everything starts with the way you perceive. Every thought is perceived. This perceptions is then attributed a feeling. And as you feel, so you emote. And action follows through.

All this arises from your ego. Where you need to just be, you feel the need to take a stand, create a situation. And you act according to the stand you took, and expect it to yield the result you anticipate. And you expect the world to understand all this internal drama of yours? How much more complicated can you become?

And when the expected result is not achieved, when others do not see your point of view, you get frustrated, angry, disgusted. You then blame the world for your misery.

Please remember, this world begins with your creation and ends with your misery. Everything outside of you still remains the same. Its your internally created battle that is coming back to you.

 Even buying an apple is a complicated process. Which brand, what colour, from which garden, which region, its size and shape, and who is selling it, and how it is being sold to you too?

Change now!! Observe animals. They look at everything as it is. And they are happy. They look at utility value in everything, for the moment, not based on their past experiences. They do not suffer emotional baggages.

If you prefer to change, want to be blissful and want to know how? let me know. Do not perceive how its going to be given to you. Let not your corrupted mind and intelligence give you a perception that makes you feel there is something to it….!

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