This is not an article based on spiritual thinking. This explores your false ways of identification with the world. Please read on…

This article throws light on “Your falsified ways of living” and the reasons why you get bound by your ego.

When you start to perceive any action that should be undertaken after your perception through your senses, you misunderstand the means (the use of your senses) to be an end in itself. You feel what has been projected to you is the truth. You begin to literally attribute your senses to be yourselves.

Therefore, what you perceive through your senses, you believe. The knowledge thus gained is taken to be real and true.

All your actions therefore carry the belief that you are the doers and therefore you are the beings either enjoying the fruits of your actions or sufferers of the consequence of your actions.

As you begin to assume more and more of the doership, you begin to get attracted or repulsed more and more by the fruits of your actions. An example would be very appropriate here;

When you are in a discussion, you may presume about what the other person is saying and begin to answer back. Here, you are listening to answer back and not just listening. And when you realize your mistake, you do not want to accept it, but try to justify your actions, only to later suffer about your actions in silence.

Thus, you begin to quantify these actions and start to accumulate. Your ego thus prevents you from observing this folly and begins to relish this false sense of success; and because of the misunderstandings and wrong perceptions, when your actions become faulty and the accumulated wealth is lost, the ego gets badly hurt.

The learning from the above is to delink from your senses and understand that they are only a means to perform any action and that they should not become the cause of the actions.

“Discrimination” and “Dispassion” are the key here.

Only when this understanding dawns on you will you be spared from becoming victims of your misunderstandings and your wrong perceptions.

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