This process begins by quietening the mind.

Mind always works by comparing opposites like;
Black vs White, Good vs BadTall vs Short etc. This activity makes the mind think and analyse.

A similar activity is performed to quieten the mind. This is done by watching your breathe.

observe your breathObserve your “Inhalation” and “Exhalation”. Allow the mind to get totally get absorbed in this duality.

As you put the mind onto this activity, two things happen ;

A).  The mind cannot perform any other activity like thinking, analyzing etc.
B).  The mind slowly becomes settled as the breathe gets longer and more deep.

(In case the mind is getting distracted by any thought, bring it back to the breathe gently, without force) .

Now do the following ;

1. Allow the tongue to settle down to the floor of the mouth. (The tongue should be like a dead snake with no sensation stayed by you).

2. Relax your jaw. (The jaw the tongue work together to give vocal expression to what is in the mind. This is so because the mind expresses through the body).

3. Keep you eyes close and allow the eyes to be pointed in any direction that is naturally relaxed. (The eye is the seat of perception. It works both in the external world as well as the internal.

When the eyes are relaxed, you will be able to free yourself of all thought, impressions that are projected by the mind.

Your participation in the analysis of thoughts, feelings and emotions die down.

Your body and mind are cut off completely and active communication between the two stops).

4. Start consciously observing the expanding gap between two breathes.

5. Refrain from indulging in mechanical breathing. Just observe your breathe.

6. As the focus on this gap goes on increasing, the mind gets pulled deeper into itself.

7. When the mind becomes one pointed and focused, divert it towards your heart by consciously shifting your awareness gradually towards the heart.

The mind is now in pure awareness, in the company of Love, Compassion and Warmth. Where love exists, Joy exists.

Living in joy is living in Pure Awareness.

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