Every thought is given a meaning by an accompanied emotion and feeling. Mind tries to make sense of this association and Infer.

Mind analyses based on activities that have happened in your life as past experiences. They are part of the ever changing external world.

After every thought, there is a calmness, a silence ever so subtle.
Your consciousness is ever calm, ever in tranquility, and always connected to the universal source of consciousness, God.

When you are associated with the inner world of your consciousness , the chatter based on the external world doesn’t matter at all.

The pregnant silence of your consciousness is a magnet that draws you to your core. When you are here, there is neither existence of any thought nor of the mind.

Imagine this scenario – When you’re listening to your favorite music with your eyes closed automatically, nothing of the external world disturbs you.

It’s just you and you alone. Mind doesn’t exist anymore. What do you control and why?

When you have crystal clear source of water flowing from your tap, where is the existence of impure water and a filter?

CONCLUSION – Stay tuned to your consciousness. Stay within. The whole of the external world is within you.

The external world returns here again and again to refresh and rejuvenate.

The Vedas therefore quote – Poornamida poornamidam poornaat, poornam udachyate.

Poornasya poornamaadaaya, poornameva vashishyate.

Meaning – This world, the truth and the source of the truth, all of it has evolved from your consciousness alone. Your consciousness is alone the truth. This is where you stay 

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