Nadi Pariksha is undoubtedly the most powerful diagnostic tool. Though the diagnosis in itself is wholesome in its entirety, it should be followed up by a uniquely designed treatment process that compliments your specific need to heal you from within, in the most harmonious and pleasant manner. This is not like any other typical treatment process but a very carefully designed healing programme that precisely addresses your healing needs. It brings a deeper meaning to you and calms you down, so that you feel happy and healed. 

“Most of the time, problems that one faces is psychosomatic in nature. And these problems come as a result of one’s perception of their surroundings and the assumptions that they entertain before they take decisions. Such entertainment of emotionally driven thoughts and feelings result in mental agony. This results in a “Karmic” build up of residual emotions like guilt, hatred, greed, a feeling of lack, low self esteem, sadness etc..”

This science of “Ravana Nadi Pariksha” which the author practices, goes beyond health and studies your journey through life. This is as powerful or more than Astrology and can become your practical and powerful guide to be applied in your life.

The details obtained at the time of Nadi Pariksha helps the author in understanding your Karmic path in your current life. You can be coached to bring changes in your life’s journey through various traditional methods. These powerful practices when adopted can change the course of your life and bring success and happiness to you.

Nadi Pariksha detects the kind of thoughts and emotions you actively nurture within you. Every thought or emotion that you engage or indulge in, you create a wave of energy. These waves are constantly emitted as a result of your reaction to the environment outside of you. These waves constitute the auric field. Understanding the auric field gives an immediate understanding of the vibrations in your subtle body; and they later manifest into problems in your physical body. Studying this phenomena is done through “Aura and Face Reading”; an integral part of traditional Siddha practice. 

It is often said that the face is the index of the mind and this holds true in every case. The fine lines, the features, contours, the texture of the skin and other features give away a lot of information about your character, behaviour and overall health. Each one of these features has a story to tell. 

Nadi Pariksha gives the lead as to where these problems are surfacing in your physical body as a result of this psychosomatic activity, and also helps the Nadi Vaidya in understanding the predominant emotions that are being harboured by you. Nadi Pariksha can also accurately predict through the study of “Samprapti” or “Etiology”, the onset of ailments and diseases that are about to manifest in your body as a result of your current continued activities.

Once these mental vibrations are understood, changes can be brought about in your psyche and also at the mental plane. Also, through timely intervention via specific treatments, your ailments can be very effectively arrested before they produce any harmful effects. As mentioned above, this method also ensures futurity as it prevents the onset of fresh ailments or diseases later on in your body. 

The beauty of Nadi Pariksha is that it is a complete diagnosis which helps you understand your suffering at a causal level; one which manifested in your astral being and from there on percolates down to your gross body, and then to your organs to cause ailments and diseases.  

Every cell of your being is constantly being guided or tortured (as the case maybe), by the way you think and emote. The cells within you either multiply harmoniously and healthily or suffer and die with disease. By being introduced to mantras (a scientifically arranged group of letters or words recited with the right pronounciation and intonations to create powerful vibrations) as suited to you, vibratory frequencies present in your system are enhanced. You can bring in a great amount of harmony and peace and improve the potential of your body to heal from within.

Mental atunement in traditional and ancient therapies are not treated with drugs but are handled with a large dose of empathy, compassion and love. The effects of this form of therapy on you will get lodged into your psyche and will empower you to look within yourself with love. Thus you will be guided to systematically eliminate all negative and regressive thoughts and nurture and grow thoughts of positivity and hope. 

“This form of therapy when also replicated into the mass brings a dynamic change in society and revolutionises the thought processes. This brings harmony and goodwill for one another. This is seen in our prayers “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah”; meaning may all be happy and may goodness prevail amongst us”. 

Another factor of good health that makes Nadi Pariksha an important therapeutic guide is the act of eating food. The revelations during diagnosis shows the way you consume food; with or without concentration, whether you are consuming the right food combinations, the time at which you are consuming it and the quantity of food injested into your system. 

With such an accurate information, the whole ritual of food is tailored to suit your constitution. Food is an integral part of your healthy living. Through this information, a harmonious blends of foods and the method of eating can be planned for you to improve your digestion, assimilation and increase the nutritive value in the food. 

The whole science of traditional Siddha medicine is woven around natural therapies which can more than replace the need for medicines. These therapies are all painless and can be most effective as they address the cause of ailments (as ascertained through Nadi Pariksha) and treat the site of your ailment directly or indirectly. Thus, you can be made to feel at ease and suffering can be arrested at the shortest possible time. 

Most medicines then are prepared on the spot like home remedies for example, which kick start your healing process from within. It is not at all necessary for you to resort to powerful forms of medicines if the cause of the ailment is understood accurately. A harmonious blend of lifestyle, foods and a change in your attitude to life can bring amazing results. Of course, a combination of powerful medications and therapies do exist to bring about immediate changes but they are used only in emergencies. 

Nadi Pariksha understands the frequency at which you vibrate. This frequency is called your “Bio-rhythm”. By understanding this frequency, you can be helped and nurtured to resonate in your frequency more powerfully and live in peaceful co-existence, both from within and in your surroundings

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