1. Food consumption is a ritual in Ayurveda. The way to consume food is thus;

a. Do say a prayer before you begin to consume food. This dis-engages your mind from other thoughts and helps you to concentrate on your food on the plate.

b. Thank God for having given you this food and pray to him for having given this meal and at the same time, do ask him to provide the same to everyone too.

c. Do not allow any form of distraction to interfere while you consume food like T.V, Radio, Talking of chatting, talking on the mobile, or eating while working are an absolute NO-NO. “Working lunches” are an absolute disaster while having food. It builds up anxiety, increases gases and acidity and helps in weight gain. Moreover, you do not know what or how much you are eating.

d. Food consumption needs the participation of your mind while in the whole process of consuming food. This helps in triggering of the right amount of acids and enzymes to digest food. This will make you eat slowly and help registering the taste of the food in your palette.

e. Eat slowly. Respect food. Close your eyes as the food is placed in your mouth. You will enjoy the feeling.

“Meal time is your private time, as precious as your very own private and personal life”. While consuming food, mentally share your thoughts with your family, mother, wife, sister, cook etc who have cooked the food and thank them for the amazing effort.

f. There are very powerful pressure points and Pranayamas that are practiced which takes about 2-3 minutes to perform that help in the digestion process. Unfortunately, if they are explained in print, they can be misunderstood and not done properly.

“A one on one interaction can help resolve this”. These Pranayamas and Marma points help in enhancing the digestion process and help in removing gases and stabilising acids which may otherwise hamper proper digestion.

g. Consuming sweets or fruits after food is a disaster. They de-stabilise the alkali-acid balance and increase mucous secretion in the stomach thereby leading to malabsorption of food. Also, they reduce sugar metabolism in the body thereby reducing energy levels in an individual and help in weight gain.

h. Food combinations are a very important and powerful chapter to understand. they are “The Most” critical factor in contributing health to an individual. We shall discuss this in a later article. There are lots of food combinations that are a NO-NO.

i. Food consumption has timings that can help contribute best to a person’s health. These timings work best for “All the Specific Constitution types” individually. The advantages are;

1. It prevents the accumulation of toxins by digesting food completely.
2. It provides optimum energy levels
3. It helps in maintaining the ideal weight for the individual
4. There is a harmonious balance of bio-rhythms in the body that helps a person in staying disease-free for a long time ti come.
5. It improves stamina and immunity

A Nadi Pariksha determines this information and the whole “Diet Plan” and “Eating Regimen” can be planned out most accurately. In my experience, these timings can be made to fit in very well with both a businessman’s and a corporate individual’s routine and schedule as the case may be.


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