Nadi Pariksha – The Siddha system of Accurate Diagnosis & Healing

The process of Nadi Pariksha I’ve described below, and which I practice is the complete form of diagnosis.

Along with this diagnosis, other physical parameters are also taken as a cross reference to authenticate the findings during the Nadi Pariksha.

This makes the whole process of diagnosis complete, accurate and fool proof. Therefore, the right methods of healing is revealed.

Nadi means ‘Flow’. Here, flow means the constant activity of perceptions, feelings and emotions.

It is a known fact that the Mind uses the body to express itself. Therefore, one of the main routes to diagnose the cause of ailments and diseases through Nadi Pariksha is this route. “Yad bhaavam, tad bhavati” (as the expression of person’s level of consciousness, so is the state of his/her body and its resultant ailments).

So it is very clear that as the expressions in the mind become gross and dense, these expressions begin to manifest themselves at the physical level as ailments and diseases.

In Nadi Pariksha, the flow in the mind represents the active level of consciousness. Depending on the type of perception and thinking, and with the influence of past impressions (samskaras), the mind is active in either of the 3 levels of consciousness ie; Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.

In a “Saatvic” state of mental activity, a person feels calm, happy, empathetic, forgiving and is emotionally balanced. He experiences contentment and all his activities are performed based on rational thinking.

Through Nadi Pariksha it can be seen that the flow of digestive juices is uniform, hunger is expressed well and a person eats a meal in harmony. Food is enjoyed and the digestion and excretion happen normally.

In a “Rajasic” state, a person feels overly excited, agitated, irritated and has a selfish intent. A person is always looking for ways and means to acquire more. He/she is restless mentally.

Through Nadi Pariksha, this mental state reveals that the flow of digestive juices is agitated. A person’s hunger is erratic. A person may indulge in emotional eating. Large portions of meal will be consumed and in a hurry.

In a “Tamasic” state, one harbors feelings of hatred, malice, excessive greed and lust and enemity.

Through Nadi Pariksha, this mental state reveals that the digestive juices are erratic, totally controlled by  active emotional conditioning. The expression of hunger is at times excessive and at times, very poor. He wool have very poor health with circulatory disorders.


As the bio rhythms change, the 3 subtle humors in the body namely VAYU, PITTA and KAPHA go into a state of imbalance.

VAYU is an aspect of Prana and this gets expressed in 5 different ways, controlling different functions in the body through the 5 pranas namely;

PRANA – Nadi Pariksha reveals the control and activity of breathing, swallowing, mental activity and sensory perceptions, insomnia and its cause, type of migraine and its cause, types of dreams and the interpretation, excess chattering of the brain etc.

APANA – Nadi Pariksha reveals the downward movement of food, functioning of bladder, rectum, menstruation, ovulation, the quality and functioning of the reproductive organs, ailments and its cause, early warning of lack of libido, impotency, lower backache, sciatica, pre menstrual pain and its associated symptoms, and proper/improper elimination of toxins

UDANA – Nadi Pariksha reveals the functioning of memory, memory retention, communication and expression, motivation, will power, upward movement of food, complexion of the skin, output of energy etc.

SAMANA – Nadi Pariksha indicates enzyme production, assimilation of food, digestive disorders, the effect of thoughts and impression on our body and the equilibrium of the body… and

VYANA – Nadi Pariksha reveals the effective internal circulation of oxygen, blood and nutrients, General movement of the body (extension and contraction, movement of joints, reflexes), any presence of spasms, nervous disorders, the working if the sweat glands etc.

PITTA gets expressed in 5 different ways, controlling different functions in the body through;

PACHAKA PITTA – Nadi Pariksha reveals the maintenance of digestive fire through the action of the pancreas, liver and other intestinal secretions, presence or onset of Jaundice and/or other liver infections/diseases and its cause.

RANJAKA PITTA – Nadi Pariksha reveals the regulation of blood chemistry and indicates if a patient is suffering from anemia, level of fat and cholesterol in the blood, early warning of the onset of circulatory disorders, the extent of the functioning of the stomach and spleen, color and health of skin, and the energy levels.

BHRAJAKA PITTA – Nadi Pariksha reveals the health of skin, lustre, age of the skin, skin infections, skin ailments and its cause like pigmentation, early warning of the onset of skin ailments like psoriasis, eczema, skin cancer etc.

SADHAKA PITTA – Nadi Pariksha reveals the effective functioning of the brain with respect to the processing of feelings and emotions, presence of unresolved emotions, the intelligence of the person, understanding, comprehension and expressions, self esteem, and effective transformation of information into knowledge.

ALOCHAKA PITTA – Nadi Pariksha reveals the health of the eyes, the effective assimilation of information through the eyes (optical perception), the effectiveness of the retina etc, visual problems etc.

KAPHA gets expressed in 5 different ways, controlling different functions in the body through;

KHLEDAKA KAPHA – Nadi Pariksha indicates the initial stage of digestion like proper moistening of food, the property mixture and balance/imbalance of alkaline and acidic secretions, and the health of the walls of the upper and middle abdomen, presence of diabetes and the type of diabetes, onset of diabetes and when with the cause

AVALAMBAKA KAPHA – Nadi Pariksha reveals the health of the fluid in the lungs, the health of the lungs and ailments/diseases of any, pericardial condition, the emotional state of a person, early warning of the onset of heart ailments, and also the current condition of the heart etc.

BODHAKA KAPHA – Nadi Pariksha indicates the  moistening of the mouth and its effective protection from hot and pungent foods, the extent of salvation, sense of taste, the health of gums and teeth etc.

TARPAKA KAPHA – Nadi Pariksha reveals the effectiveness of the sensory and cognitive faculties, the coordination between the sensory and motor organs, presence of past life memories, the reason and extent of mental fatigue, indication of impending stroke/paralysis, ability to store information and the reasons for memory loss.

SHLESHMAKA KAPHA – Nadi Pariksha reveals the health of joints, effective lubrication of joints and/or the cause of lack of it, kinds of joint problems, onset of arthritic condition etc.

At the level of the tissues, Nadi Pariksha reveals the health of the following 7 tissues;

RASA DHATU – Indicates the healthy formation of plasma, the lymphatic system, health of blood vessels and mucous membranes in the body, aches and pains in the body and its cause.

RAKTA DHATU – Nadi Pariksha reveals the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, the extent of oxygenation in the blood and health of the circulatory system, liver and spleen disorders etc.

MAMSA DHATU – Nadi Pariksha reveals the health of muscles and ligaments, the healthy working of the nostrils, muscular strength or weakness, muscle tumors, cramps etc.

MEDHA DHATU – Nadi Pariksha reveals the health of the adipose system, the type of diabetes and its onset with the cause, lethargy, obesity and its cause, underactive thyroid (hypothyroid condition) and it’s cause, breathlessness, fatty tumors, early warnings of the onset of breast tumors and cancer,

ASTHI DHATU – Nadi Pariksha reveals the health of the bones, hair and nails, hairfall and its cause, types of arthritic conditions and its cause, platelet count, calcification etc.

MAJJHA DHATU – Nadi Pariksha reveals the health of the nervous system, sluggishness of the mind and body, early warning of the onset or the cause of epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, attention deficit disorders, etc.

SHUKRA DHATU – Nadi Pariksha reveals the health of the reproductive tissue, causes of impotency and infertility, sexual health, premature ejaculation, low sperm count, inability to have orgasm and its cause, ovarian cyst and its cause, low libido, enlargement of prostate gland and its cause, etc.

Also, at three level of the chakras, Nadi Pariksha reveals the healthy working of the chakras, the kinds of vibrations they carry and its cause, the unresolved impressions within these chakras resulting in the physical ailments associated with these chakras.



Ayurveda and Siddha medicines are sciences which empowers a person with the knowledge to heal himself/herself.

Therefore it is very important that a person actively participates in the healing processes thereby establishing the right environment for healing. Only when this is done will the intended therapies work to heal and produce the desired results.


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      Thank you 🙂 Yes! See you in November

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