I am totally excited to write this article as I was inspired by the amazing recovery shown by 2 patients who came to me treatment.

They had gone through an ordeal of being subjected to harsh drugs in medication and then again on the wrong use of fruits, vegetables and nuts to treat them.

This is an account of one of the two patients who suffered under the “So Called” natural therapy of raw foods, juices and vegetables administered on them by doctors who NEVER practiced this therapy earlier.

And the route to understand their aliments was based on pathological reports. And as you may know, these reports and the understanding so procured were based on a casual review of symptoms. The effort to establish the cause of the ailments were not even remotely visible.

These patients were directed to me subsequently by others who had been successfully treated for various ailments.

They came to me asking for addressing their newly acquired ailments after being subject to a harsh regimen of surviving on raw foods, juices and dry fruits, all prescribed in wrong combinations by people who had no knowledge of the same.


POINT 1 – A very CRITICAL question which comes to light is “How on earth is it possible that a person who has been trained to “Plan His Treatment” based on pathological reports and a faulty system defined by “protocol”, (a system devised to influence and promote narrow thinking, and discover the symptoms, only to begin treatment by medication only) suddenly acquires the expertise of nature based treatment methodologies and tries to use them on patients quite casually so to say?

POINT 2 – The right procedure to diagnosis is based on the practice of establishing the “Aetiology” in an ailment, (determining the prognosis ie,. systematically tracking an ailment to its root cause) has long been forgotten. So where does their courage come from?

Nature based treatment methodologies like Siddha medicine, Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy and Acupuncture are totally based on a scientific, strongly established practice of understanding the prognosis of an ailment and tracking it back to its root cause;

POINT 3 – Why, sadly, such a deep science is crudely adopted in the same callous manner as in the usage of strong medication with drugs and injections?

POINT 4 – Why is a pure science, based on a deep understanding of the cause of ailments (as originating from subtler aspects of mental, thought oriented perceptions because of personal biases, feelings, and emotions), to the energy deficiencies percolating down as a result on various organs; and a feeling of compassion, empathy and love as interventions to heal “are not even remotely understood or even considered”?

POINT 5 – Why is there no concerted effort to procure the knowledge of the potency, quality and quantity of energy present in Fruits, Vegetables, Dals, and herbs and the ratio and proportion of usage vis a vis a patient’s ailment.

Why is the methodology of their usage, which is a very deep study not being adopted as it should be? Assuming knowledge in this field is risky and can be detrimental to the patient’s healing as you may realise as you read further..!

POINT 6 – Why is the “taking for granted” of the side effects of medication on patients and the administration of such “So Called Natural Therapies” is treated as ‘all the same’?

The answer is very simple. The attempt to stray into this unknown domain is because of an assumption of a ‘know it all’ attitude driven by sheer arrogance; A feeling of superiority totally driven by egotism and not by any remote intent to empathise with a patient’s suffering.

Such carelessness….!!!

A brief summary in this TRUE INCIDENT will explain the reasons for my pain that you and me experience as a consequence of treatment on our near and dear ones;


This is about one of the two patients who came to me for treatment. Incidentally I knew him before his ailments. He is a very happy go lucky man, with a very well established business in manufacturing and selling stationery and allied office furniture.

A good family with his father and mother happily well settled, brothers in similar businesses, some studying abroad, and another happily married off recently.

It is important to state that he was himself well settled, and never a kind of person to take stress.


His problems began thus;

a. He started to become a victim of stress because of a downslide in business.

b. He was experiencing a lot of mental agitation.

c. He began to indulge in doomsday thinking

d. He was turning to become a pessimist because of the environment he was subject to.

e. Money flow suddenly reduced because of financial bleeding in his company.

f. The rolling of money was affected so working capital dropped.

g. Business suddenly suffered, a condition he never knew in his lifetime so far…!


Being burdened by the circumstances, he saw that he was;

i. Beginning to feel tired,

ii. Feeling bloated in the body,

iii. Experienced pain and discomfort all over the body,

iv. Started to feel low in energy and was feeling mentally and physically very weak.

v. Anxiety and fear plagued his thinking.


A natural outcome of such a cause resulted in;

a. Emotional eating.

b. He became a couch potato,

c. He was brooding all the time.

d. His ability to have conversation slowly reduced to almost nil.

e. He started to put on weight.

f. He stopped exercise as he gave in to his sorrows.

g. His enthusiasm died down and he started to assume that life was nothing but the truth he was experiencing currently.

h. He became moody, lost temper erratically at wrong places and for the wrong reasons.


a. His metabolic rate increased.

b. Acid indigestion and malabsorption in his system went up.

c. He began to store up a lot of fat.

d. His sugar metabolism became low.

e. He experienced constipation.

f. Frequent urination was experienced by him.

g. He experienced cramps and pins and needles all over his body.

h. His ability to have a good reflex became weak and he started to slow down in his gait.


High Cholesterol
Going through depression
High Blood pressure


Medication began for all of them. He was under a different form of stress now. He started to experiences side effects now, they were;

i. He started to feel drowsier,

ii. He felt good for some time and as the effects of medication wore out, went into depression again.

iii. He felt more acidic,

iv. Felt even more run down,

v. Felt even more tired and drained out.

vi. His weight started to fluctuate

vii. He began to lose a lot of hair on his scalp.

viii. Dandruff also played its havoc.

ix. His skin colour changed towards a darker shade.

x. He went into further depression because of all this.


After some months, he was told of one such doctor who prescribed natural therapies. The foundation of identification of the therapy decided on him was again the same pathological reports.

Except, the change was that he would be taken off all medication and put on a crash diet over 3 months purely on raw foods, along with a combined with fruit juices and no oils or fats absolutely.


At the end of 3 months;

a. He had lost about 14 kilograms.

b. BUT his joints started experiencing cracking and popping sounds,

c. He could sleep somewhat better, but his sleep became very light. Any slight sound would disturb him.

d. The metabolic heat in the body reduced substantially.

e. He felt dizzy at times, felt gassy.

f. He would experience cold and at times hot flashes.

g. He got used to little food eaten once every 2 hours and could not get himself to eat more.

h. He felt weak.

i. He was the same mentally, the problems remained the same, or to very directly state.

j. His perception of the problems had not changed.

After about 10 days, his weakness persisted. The doctor further advised on an exercise plan at the gymnasium with weights and other exercises.

He realised that he lost another 2 kgs. He was seen by people as sick, malnourished, weak and diseased. He also developed a stoop with no energy left in him to stand straight.


But the figures in the reports indicated normal. The doctor declared him as a clinically fit person. He was dismissed as healthy and was left with no medication, a report which declared him healthy and his list of current ailments.


Before we read about the booming health he accomplished and the key ingredients that set into motion the turnaround in his health through a proven, scientifically designed process, we need to understand what were the parameters and all those factors that were primarily responsible for his suffering and pain. had gone wrong.


After a month of my treatment;

a. He feels happy and confident

b. He has gained back 5 kilos

c. He eats well, once in 4 hours

d. He has replaced his stress with a feeling of compassion and empathy

e. His Blood Pressure has returned to normal

f. He has begun sleeping soundly with no disturbance

g. Energy levels have peaked with his ability to commence jogging

h. No joint pains or aches in the body

i. There is a feeling of complete wellness of both body and mind


a. He was carefully, lovingly and patiently counselled, tutored and mentored to look at his world from a detached perspective.

b. He has been taught to analyse, understand and interpret his business by dissecting the problems thereby getting a clearer perspective of his situation. Stress has therefore been weeded out of his thinking process.

c. The language of success has been redefined for him as one which gives him peace and contentment in his work.

With an element of Compassion, Empathy and Positive thinking, he has been able to think beyond business into other aspects that affect his work environment.

d. Essentially, entertainment has been introduced as a core part of his daily life. This has brought in a feeling of lightness to living and has opened up new doors for productivity.

e. His family has been made as an essential support system. His office closes early so that he spends more time with his family to practice Compassion, Gratitude and share Love with his close ones at home.

f. Prayer and gratitude have been introduced as essential core practices to surrender to a higher power and let of egotistic thinking. This helps him in becoming more human in dealing with people. He has become more approachable.

Due to all of the above, he has seen;

i. A progress in his money flow.

ii. He began talking to his dealers to include them in his business thought processes more actively
Recently, as an essential part of a turnaround strategy, he involved his dealers in a spiritual retreat conducted by me.

iii. They also were sailing in a similar mental conditioning of hopelessness and a feeling of perceptual, perpetual poverty. Everyone now is seeing hope.


a. Medication was never the answer in the first place.

b. Nor was he a diabetic,

c. Or a patient of high blood pressure.

d. He was neither suffering from hypothyroidism

e. Nor was he a patient suffering from obesity.


STRESS – He never gave himself rest at the required time. All his activities connected with tension of business was taken up at night. This disturbed his energies and calmness of mind never prevailed.

OBESITY – He ate at wrong times, compulsive eating and eating in a hurry did not digest food. They began to store up in his body as fat.

HIGH CHOLESTEROL – Due to stress, the Liver, Stomach, Small Intestine, Spleen and the Pancreas, (the 5 organs that are essentially at work to actively break down food, digest the fat, convert it to nutrition and metabolise the sugar into energy) were all stressed. This increased indigestion and assimilation of fat in his veins.

DIABETES – This is the most unfortunate part of a pathological analysis. A low sugar metabolism based on the conditions prevailing above is seen as undigested and unprocessed blood sugar.

The pathological report and a doctor, without giving due respect to the factors responsible for the onset of a low sugar metabolism, declared him as a diabetic.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE – This condition prevails over varied reason of which two main reasons found in him were; One, the blood carried more toxins and the retarding force in the circulatory channel caused high blood pressure.

Second, when the amount of blood pressure that was pumped out during one ventricular systole (during one muscular contraction an expansion of the heart and the reversed flow when the heart relaxes).

While the first was due to excess undigested toxins due to wrong lifestyle and bad food habits, the second was caused due to mental stress, anxiety, associated with a rapid shallow erratic breathing etc that caused the reversal of energy flow and put pressure on the diaphragm.

DEPRESSION – This was a self created mindset where he was not able to reason with his environment. The inability to accept the situation/s brought in a feeling of hopelessness (A person has to be solution oriented rather than being problem centric to address this mental disorder).

SLEEPLESSNESS – He worked till late night and never gave sufficient time for the mind to gather itself for another thought process (An active mind which engages itself in a thoughts or a number of thoughts weather actively or indirectly in an active subconscious mind cannot go to sleep).


a. He used to work late. All his business dealings and his brainstorming used to happen at night. His disturbed both his peace as well as the peace of his employees and other business associates.
Emotional highs were seen as a solution.

b. Anger preceded reason and fear preceded compassion. Everyone was kept on tenterhooks with clearly defined punishments and warnings.

c. There was no fixed timing for either Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner even though timings were officially earmarked for it. This disturbed his metabolism. His acidity, Gas, Migraines and Obesity was caused because of this.

d. All eating used to happen while on the move. Therefore, no proper consuming of food ever happened. This lead to malabsorption and increased his undigested fat.

e. Food combinations were going haywire. Anything with anything was consumed. Food became an impulse booster. So anxiety levels and stress was combatted by eating more food.

f. Rest and sleep were seen as a waste of time. Untimely sleeping and late waking hours robbed off essential energies that were required for the whole day.

g. The quality or quantity of food was never given priority. Rather it was junk food, an easily available alternative that did the job of effectively wrecking his health and his life.


A. An age old “Fail Proof” guaranteed method of ascertaining the cause was adopted.

Since you’ve travelled with me this far, a detailed understanding of the “Most PowerfulDiagnostic tool will help you gain a perspective of an authentic approach to visit an ancient, powerful knowledge to determine the cause of ailments and diseases most effectively.

C. Please open this link for a very enriching experience here link

D. This was followed by guiding my patient through a one on one session that effectively give him a glimpse into the cause of his suffering and the role that he played in it.

E. He followed through a powerful detox programme to rid him of all toxins in his body.

F. Amazing improvements in his health were accomplished when he was taken through a route of well planned “Rejuvenating Therapies” consisting of the following;

i. He went through a personalised Therapeutic Yoga and Pranayamas programme to enhance his energies and channelise it in his body, into his organs and tissues.

ii. The programme was also designed to effectively calm his mind.

iii. A Diet plan was given to help him abundantly rejuvenate his body through vegetables, fruits and home made herbal combinations.

ivv. He was advised to “strictly” avoid those food items, fruits and nuts that would interfere with the healing process.

v. Cow’s Ghee is a very powerful, well known catalyst as it influences healing in a very big way by activating the metabolic activity in all the seven tissues in the body.

vi. He was asked to consume it in a certain proportion which suited his constitution.

vii. A preparation consisting of Cooked Rice, Mung dal, Cumin seeds, Asafoetida and Rock salt was given along with Cow’s Ghee to quickly and effectively improve his immunity and give him the much required strength.

viii. He was made to participate in a counselling session for an hour every day. This was done to train his thought process and redefine his understandings and outlook to life. This would effectively raise his standards of stress management and improve the quality of his life at work and home and create an effective, workable balance between the two.

ix. The counselling session was followed by an hour of “Antar Mouna” and “Antar Darsanam” two programmes designed for him specifically to silence his mind and help him look inward to gain a spiritual insight and seek guidance from his core. This was taught so he could seek healing from within as a wealth of wisdom is stored here.

x. He was advised enough rest in postures that would benefit healing during the day and get a good 7 hour, well deserved rest at night.

xi. “Marma” therapy was administered on him to activate the blocked Psychic energies in various parts of his body to help him benefit from a high degree of healing for his body and mind.

xii. Specific and powerful points on the head, face and feet were activated to induce complete relaxation and help him rejuvenate completely.


a. A periodic check-up to assess the progress

b. Specific herbal formulae have been advised that can help sustain and enhance rejuvenation

c. Advise of change of diets periodically to revert him back to normal food habits

d. Advise on lifestyle changes keeping in mind his professional and social commitments

e. He has been encouraged to revert to me about his progress and share his successes on a fortnightly basis.


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