Questions come to a reader as soon as one reads the heading ;

1). Why sound??

2). Where does sound come into the picture and why club it with Pranayama?

3). In what way does this combination make the process effective?

4). How can this process instantly de-stress?

Let us look at these question one at a time.

Let us explore Pranayama  in general. Pranayama means regulating the breathe.

Why regulation…. ??

When our emotions get the better of us, our breathe becomes shorter. Our intake of oxygen becomes less; and as a result, a proportionately reduced supply of oxygen to the brain makes the brain become agitated. Secondly, the diaphragm stiffens preventing the lung from breathing completely. This is purely a psycho-somatic action of the body. Regulating the breathe consciously can ease our emotional situation.

A human being breathes at an average of 15 cycles (Inhalation and Exhalation is one cycle) per minute. It is a well known fact from experience in our lives that when we become emotional, we find that our breathe has got altered. We are either breathing erratically or are sighing. We find that our breathe is either laboured and heavy or is quickened and we lose control over it. These are sure signs of ’emotional imbalance’.

How  can we tackle this problem which has been making man suffer from emotional distress, fatigue, anxiety, anger and depression.

Mind Chatter – The Main culprit

Our perceptions retain this emotional state making the whole experience worse. We find that the whole emotional experience is very distasteful and yet we are absolutely helpless in altering it. What is going wrong??

We are always a victim of our perceptions. Why do we perceive different from others?  Why do we disagree?

We have stored a lot of information in our subconscious mind which have also been stored after we have gone through lots of emotional experiences. When we look at a situation, we tend to absorb it based on our attitude, our our current emotional state, and our assumptions. Our mind directs the sense organ to perceive and absorb the details in the situation based on the above factors.

The skewed information we retain in the way mentioned above forms our database stored in out mind. This forms our personality, our belief system. We then work on protecting it from any challenge. This is why we find ourselves helpless in emotional situations. We are only experiencing what the mind has asked us to. Though we may not be convinced with the way we acted in retrospect, we tend to behave the same way again and again in new situations.

Nullifying thought vibrations

The mind needs to be dulled and the subconscious activity stopped if we have to alter our emotional state. A state of neutrality needs to be achieved if we need to change. Our thoughts vibrate in two different places when we perceive a situation.

When we get exposed to any situation, we internalize the information. We emote and we analyze. So the emotions are stored in the heart and the analysis is stored in the brain. And in any situation of emotional turmoil, these are the only two areas primarily (the head and the chest) that are most affected. Based on the kind of emotion, the expressions subsequently manifest in various places (Read my article “The digestion of emotions and foods” to get a good understanding on this subject. This will prove to be a good reading for you).

By consciously creating sound vibrations in the head and in the heart, we can bring about an instant change in our emotional self. We can feel relieved instantly. The chatter in the mind gets dulled and we are completely rid of the influence of the subconscious mind or the intellect in directing what we need to do or how we should perceive very mechanically.

The practice is very therapeutically devised and is altered for emotional states of Aggression, Depression or Suppression.  When the chatter of the mind is stilled, we feel totally relieved and we can find ourselves enjoying complete silence. Even disturbing external sounds are muted as the mind becomes totally unresponsive. This is one of most blissful states we can experience consciously.

Altering breathe direction and pathways

To assist in the sound to vibrate in the right frequency and location, our breathe needs to be altered. Both the breathing process as well as the direction of the flow of breathe needs to be altered to change the direction of flow of energy and vary its intensity and effects on the mind, body and emotional states to be specific . This flow, when altered, bring instant relaxation to the mind and body. We can experience a calmness we never experienced before. Our muscles, nerves and joints will feel completely at ease. you can relate to a situation similar to a completely relaxed experience after a very good sleep, or a brilliant massage session.

By increasing the volume of breathe, our diaphragm is relaxed and the stiffness is eliminated. Also, more oxygen is pumped to the brain. The brain calms down. As the number of cycles of breathe are consciously reduced,  we can experience the body relaxing and letting go. As the influence of the mind is no longer present (because of the therapeutically altered sound vibrations), we are able to live in the current moment. No reference of past experiences or interpretations of the future based on our past experiences are there to bother us.

I am truly sorry that I cannot bring the exercises on paper, in words as they are very deeply relaxing and need to be administered to the patient on a case to case basis. If you are going through any such emotional state, do feel free to get in touch with me. These ancient practices have a deep impact on our psyche and alter our state of conscious very successfully. Moreover, it reveals deeper aspects of our consciousness that are very blissful.

The result of these practices empowers us to drop our limitations and embrace the truth of our spiritual existence. We can become completely different beings and find ourselves facing the world in the most confident and comfortable manner.

These practices have their references in the Tantra shastras. They are very ancient and when explored and when practiced on ourselves, we are cured of so many psychosomatic diseases. We can do away with medicines for obesity (in some cases), Blood pressure, Hypertension, Hypo and Hyper  Hypothyroidism, Insomnia, Anger and Depression very safely and very successfully.

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