Psoriasis is described as Kitibha in ayurvedic classical texts. The age group affected by psoriasis ranges between 25 to 75. It is marked by silvery flakes on the skin with severe itching and red or heaty patches. Sometimes it is found that only scalp is effected.
Psoriasis is also associated with sypmtoms like hyperacidity, stress , depression and lack of sleep. The common side effect of psoriasis is arthritis (known as psoriatic arthritis).
 As per Ayurveda the cause of psoriasis is due to having wrong food combination, doing exercises after consuming heavy food ( like nuts, non veg ), constant contact with heat, anger and depression.

It is closely associated with the psychological frame of mind of patients. Usually patients with pitta constitution are commonly effected by this disorder.

 Psoriasis can be successfully controlled with ayurvedic treatments. This involves herbal supplements, panchakarma and counselling.

Patients cooperation and understanding plays an important role in the success of the treatment of psoriasis.

Modifying the diet as per the patient’s prakruti and lifestyle changes is an essential part of the treatment.

Panchkarma helps to detoxify and flush out the unwanted wastes and strengthens the immune system which makes herbal medications more effective. At the same time stress reducing therapies are also given. The course of the therapy should be decided as per the prakruti and Vikruti by a qualified ayurvedacharya.

 Psychological counselling to encourage healing from the level of the consciousness and quietness of mind establishes a patient’s confidence which further helps him to cope with stress and release static energies from within.


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