The mind with its modifications creates a world limited by time and space in us. Here;

1). “TIME” is relative to our experiences that we have stored in our lifetime and

 2). “SPACE” is relative to theability to give freedom to our perceptions, thoughts and expressions. 

Here, it is important to note that if the use the space is of that of the mind, we become limited in existence as we only use that much of understanding as we have gathered through our lifetime, depending on how we perceived it.

So, our knowledge is very limited and biased. And, this space when lived through our consciousness, gives us global perspective. 

When we live through “Time and Space”, we are forever pulled and pushed by their limitations.

These limitations project the world of objects to us and we are driven by these projections and get attached to them. Here the illuminator is overshadowed by the ego and its desires.

Therefore the objects projected by our desires become objects of our craving and not just physical entities. 

Thus, our limitations keep growing and we are constantly pulled and pushed by our desires and cravings.

This makes us suffer and the result is our weakened emotional state of sorrow, grief, anger, lust and greed.

Our senses and mind need to work with the help of our illuminated consciousness only. When this happens, we begin to contemplate on our thoughts and separate our feelings and emotions from them.

Then, these thoughts and perceptions will cease to attract our attention and will stop trapping us into its limited nature. 

As a result, we will be released from the bondage of our desires and limitations. Thus, we will be free from our perceptions, and the demands of the ego will lose its importance.

When we have successfully achieved this state, the consciousness which has been constantly illuminating our mind, intelligent and our senses will be free to project to us our original unconditioned nature. We will be “Forever” free of our perceptions, emotions and feeling.

Our ability to see all objects, free from attachment and desires will make us enjoy them without getting attached our attracted to them. Thus our vision will never be cluttered and distorted. We can remain unattached and free.

This is what we are – eternally free. We will be free to enjoy each and every moment in its purest form.

And how do we begin??? You need to get over a lot of temptations that the ego throwsat you.

When you get captured by them, you start elevating your ‘Ego Self’ and ‘De-Validating’ your true self.

You will realize to your own dismay that ‘You were the joker and are the one who is joked about’ behind your back.  

1. By not giving importance to the ‘Ego Self’ that the mind projects to you saying ‘I’m great’, ‘I’m better than him’, ‘I’m right and he’s wrong’.

2. Assuming that you know more than the others, taking the moral standpoint and creating a circle of ‘influencers’ to gain undue advantage over the ‘not so previleged’ .

3. By not allowing yourself to feel “Overly Important” as some individual, or a group, or a particular sect of society has projected you as an important member of its ‘Foolish Ego Clan’, and you expect the world to know of it through your foolish ‘High and Mighty’ behaviour.

What I have written is a very bitter pill to accept and swallow as you must have got used to feeling powerful and great at the cost of other’s misery. 


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