We will deal with “one time” at a time to help absorb the information in our mind most effectively.1). 3-5 am – LUNG (Vayu) – Absorption of Prana through oxygen is maximum at this time. Pranayama should be practiced at this time for maximum effect. 
This time is also called as the “Brahma Muhurtham” as the mind calms down and we become receptive to the vibrations from higher frequencies. This activates our intuitive capacity too. 
There is a Pranayama called “Reverse Yogic Breathing”. When performed at this time, “Udana Vayu” and “Prana Vayu” are activated.
Diaphragmic movement is hugely activated to help effective utilisation of the Vital capacity of the lung and improve the mixture of oxygen into the blood. 
Consequently, bowel movement is enhanced too as it helps in stimulating pressure on the Large intestine. So elimination of toxins happens as an effective positive effect of Full Yogic Breathe. 
Udana Vayu which is the main force activated at this time, controls the Vishuddha Chakra. It acts on the Chest, Throat and Neck.
Udana Vayu has an ascending function and helps in stimulating memory (Retention and recollection), Speech.
It helps in controlling our thoughts, feelings and expressions. It controls voice and makes it melodious. 
Udana Vayu helps build Vitality in the body by activating Prana and metabolic heat.
It also helps in enhancing will power.
It enhances the ability to breathe out all the toxins completely from the lung thereby increasing cellular metabolism in the body and improving the capacity of the lung to take in more oxygen.

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