My jungle experience over the years have revealed such strong feelings for the animals.

Whenever I hear an alarm call of a deer or the barking of dogs, it signals a predator close by. The animals are scared that they or others of their kind should not lose their lives. Yet they live every moment, enjoying the green grass and quite solitude of Mother Nature.

We humans are so miserable. We have everything, we save up for tomorrow and yonder. Yet we are scared of what? We are predators of our own happiness. We seek happiness but search for all those actions that give us sorrow.

Our predatory skills are only to put others down, to walk over their heads to scream success. So shameful, so retarded in thought!

We have predictable moments of everything, the law, and every other institution to secure our life whereas the animals have only their instincts.

We we lost our instinct to live. We are just fighting the ghosts of our own imagination. Our failure to live looms large as our fate. Whereas the animals live by their graceful surrender to nature. She gives them life and also decides their destiny.

We have a lot to learn. We have only learnt to accumulate wealth and sorrow. But the animals have accumulated wisdom to live in the moment.

Are we intelligent? Not at all! We are the most miserable creatures who have learnt to destroy, to project hate as news and have learnt how to make our lives hell.

Mother Nature has everything. But we are destroying it for our greed, not realising that we are pulling our own carpet from below our own feet.

The jungle is my home. I have realized this after all these years. My Himalayan jungle experience as well as that in the south has only shown me how to live, to survive and to be happy… in the moment!

I love the happy and joyful animals. And I have only prayers for the humans, to learn to become as sensible, sensitive and as decent as the animals.

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