The Digestion of Emotions and Foods

Consumption of food is a normal activity to satisfy our hunger. Our involvement in the eating process should be the same as our involvement in experiencing hunger. When this happens, the mind actively participates in the eating process thus satisfying our hunger.


In most cases, we are hungry for a lot of other things other than food. On close scrutiny, we can observe that our need for food during the day is rather minimal. But our eating is not frugal. We consume a lot of food, more than our need, appetite and capacity. A few very obvious results emerge as a result of over indulgence in our eating habits. These are;

  1. Weight Gain or Obesity
  2. Compulsive eating disorders
  3. Staying away from food assuming they cause weight gain (and you actually put on weight by eating less)
  4. Anorexia and anemia
  5. Psoriasis and Eczema
  6. Constipation and Diarrhea
  7. Hair Fall
  8. Back Pain and Joint pains
  9. Insomnia
  10. Ailments like Blood pressure, Diabetes, Circulatory problems etc…

If we look at animals, they do not behave like this. Have you ever seen an obese animal in the wild??? Do have a close look at domesticated pets. It’s very evident in their behavior that when they are not hungry, they do not eat. They stay healthy that way….. Till they are spoilt. Wondering why they are not eating, we offer goodies like ice creams, and other things they love. The animal is instinctive. It gets tempted by these goodies and consumes them. But then, it goes empty for a longer time thereafter. And because of this forced eating induced by us, it gets an upset stomach and an upset bowel movement.


We have a lot of wants. This is nothing but the hunger of our ego. We are always hungry for love, hungry for recognition, hungry for respect, hungry for satisfaction and Happiness; hungry and greedy for everything – an emotionally misplaced hunger. And when these things are in short supply, we are hungry for anything that can stimulate our senses that can provide us an emotional high. Soon when this high dies down, we are back… Hunting and Hungry! Our behavior is so helplessly predictable and cyclical, and we find it difficult to change. We are always feeling dis-satisfied, and unhappy!

We end up consuming Alcohol, Cigarettes, Junk foods to overcome this unhappiness only to destroy our gut and health in the long run. Emotions are expressed in many ways. Most of the ways are intense sense gratifications that bring a feeling of happiness at once. It also gives a feeling of a high, a feeling of achievement and a feeling of victory. But as the effect wears out, we feel we are back in the same place where we began.


We utilize our senses to behave in a certain fashion. When confronted with a situation, our senses provide the required stimulus and this is recognized by our subconscious mind. The stimulus is nothing but pre-recorded impressions of past understandings of events while the senses were being used to understand them. When we are faced with new situations, the mind coordinates with the senses to interpret the event or situation based on similar impressions in the past. The senses perceive the event based on past understandings and communicates information back to the mind. We are thereby able to understand and interpret the situation and our behaviour gets modulated accordingly. This is the reason why we tend to behave typically when exposed to certain situations.

Most of our understandings are perceptions based on past impressions. We experience these perceptions through feelings, understand them through emotions and express them through our actions. Our hunger is one such act. It is thus very important for us to understand the role of our feelings vs emotions leading to actions and how these actions are related to our emotions and hunger.


It is important to understand emotions. Emotions are tools used to express a particular idea or communicate a thought in a particular way. More simply put, an emotion gives expression and meaning to a thought. When an emotion is superimposed on a thought, the effect of the communication gets intensified and the receiver understands the meaning and purport of the communication. In an ideal situation, soon after the communication is over, the emotion is forgotten too. In most situations, instead of using the emotion, we become the emotion, ie; we become emotional. When this happens, all subsequent communications become irrational and biased. We tend to carry the emotion as the situation is being dealt with under the influence of the emotion.

Our consumption of food is one such emotional action. Emotions need to be understood to control our cravings. If emotions are digested, our food gets digested too. The more the emotion, the more food is consumed.


Every emotion has a couple of feelings associated with it. As we feel about a situation in a certain way, we give an expression to these feelings through our emotions. For example;

  1. The feelings associated with the emotion FEAR are – Anxiety, Worry, Nervousness, and Jealousy.
  2. The feelings associated with the emotion ANGER are – Stress, Righteous Indignation, and Irritability.
  3. The feelings associated with the emotion LOVE are – Peace, Compassion, Forbearance, Calmness, Satisfaction, and Contentment.

Each of these feelings is an expression of the mind but they originate as feelings through our body. This is what makes the feelings more intense. Any subtle form that assumes a gross dimension becomes more pronounced and grounded in nature.




Feelings manifest in different parts of the body. This totally depends on the nature of the emotion. It is important to understand these feelings as they manifest. This will allow us to recognize them and deal with them before they actually over power us.

LOVE Peace, Compassion, Forbearance, Calmness, Satisfaction, and Contentment HEART Deep uniform breathing, Energetic, Stillness of body and mind, thoughtful actions, presence of mind, spontaneity, sweet temper, smiling face, pleasant disposition
FEAR Anxiety, Worry, Nervousness, and Jealousy, In-confidence, Low Self Esteem STOMACH and ABDOMEN, PIT OF THROAT Shallow irregular breath, stooped posture, weak conversation, Lack of energy, Increase in formation of gas, Low appetite, Weakened nerves and muscles, Spiking and irregular Blood pressure (read as High Blood Pressure in modern diagnosis), frequent fatigue, Hair fall, Psoriasis, Early wrinkles on skin, Dry skin, Darkening of skin, Back Pain, Pain in the back of neck (wrongly attributed to cervicular spondilitis)
ANGER Stress, Righteous Indignation, and Irritability HEAD Increase in acidity, Contoured face, Violent disposition, Tightness of body parts, Heavy and labored breathing, Increased bowel movement, Loose bowels, Regurgitation of food and acids, Acid indigestion, Hypertension, High Blood Pressure, High Fat content in blood, Weak Blood circulation, Hurried and forced action leading to stress and strain on both body and mind, Early graying of hair, Eczema
SADNESS Self Pity, Depression, Sinking feeling, Low Self Esteem LOWER ABDOMEN Sinking breath, Slouching disposition, Hollow feeling in the abdomen, Weakened functioning of Liver and Gall Bladder, Inertia in thought and action, Very poor bowel movement, Low Blood pressure, Lack of uniform appetite





LOVE Peace, Compassion, Forbearance, Calmness, Satisfaction, and Contentment HEART Properly chewed food, Uniform secretion of digestive juices, Proper digestion, Assimilation of food, Satisfactory bowel movement, Good energy levels, Harmonious disposition of body.
FEAR Anxiety, Worry, Nervousness, and Jealousy, In-confidence, Low Self Esteem STOMACH and ABDOMEN, PIT OF THROAT Hurried eating of food, Eating done in anxiety, Lots of air swallowed, Irregular secretion of digestive juices, Improper digestion, Improper absorption of food, Lack of proper bowel movement, Constipation or loose greenish yellow stools accompanied with cramps in the abdomen, Cancer, Frequent belching, Foul smell in the mouth, Medium to high toxin level in the body.
ANGER Stress, Righteous Indignation, and Irritability, Agitated emotion HEAD Hurried eating of food, Aggressive eating of food, Heightened emotion of urgency and agitation while eating food, High production of enzymes and acids, Unprocessed foods, Undigested and unprocessed fats, Accumulation of insoluble fats, Burning while urination and while passing stools, Dark brown to black stools, Constipation to yellow colored loose stools, Irritable Bowels, Colitis, Cancer, Ulcers in stomach and/or intestines, Increased mucus secretion, Dark Yellow colour to dark green mucus
SADNESS Self Pity, Depression, Sinking feeling, Low Self Esteem LOWER ABDOMEN, CHEST Lack or suppressed hunger, Low or frequent consumption of food (emotional eating),  Low production of enzymes, Undigested and unprocessed foods, Accumulation of fats, Obesity, Lack of movement or inertia, Weakened muscles, Low energy levels


IMPORTANT NOTE: All symptoms will prevail when food is consumed while you are under the influence of a particular feeling. Foods themselves have their inherent energies. Similar energies which are present in food at the time of being under the influence of a particular energy will aggravate those symptoms which come under that energy. Also, the state of aggravation of the mind and body and also the toxins present at the time of the occurrence of the symptoms also play a major role in ascertaining the reasons for the presence of symptoms in the body.

For Example;

  1. a. When you are in a state of anxiety, Worry or nervous (Emotion FEAR),

And when you consume raw foods, dry roasted foods, refrigerated foods etc

–       You will experience any / many of these symptoms – Improper absorption of food, Lack of proper bowel movement, Constipation accompanied with cramps in the abdomen etc.

  1. b. When you are in a state of Stress combined with Irritation or anger (Emotion ANGER)

And when you consume Spicy Foods, Deep Fried foods, Foods with Preservatives etc –

–       You will experience any / many of these symptoms – High production of enzymes and acids, Accumulation of insoluble fats, Burning while urination and while passing stools, yellow colored loose stools, Irritable Bowels, Colitis etc.

  1. c. When you are in a state of  Depression or are feeling low (Emotion SADNESS)

And when you consume foods rich in Fats, Proteins etc –

–       You will experience any / many of these symptoms – Undigested and unprocessed foods, Accumulation of fats, Obesity



Feelings get recognized as they get associated with earlier stored impressions of events. These events of the past have left a lasting mark in our subconscious mind. When faced with similar looking situations, an emotion gets triggered off when similar events occur in our life. We tend to understand these feelings after perceiving the event occurring in front of us with an understanding that it is the same as the one we have experienced earlier.  This wrong understanding makes us feel helpless to the emotion that gets triggered off. The situation concludes in our understanding when the whole process of the event is taken to a logical conclusion as it had happened earlier.

Once the whole sequence of events in this situation is over, we come out of the stupor or to put it more aptly, the influence of the past understanding, we realize our folly of having acted impulsively and regret for our actions. But this does not end here. We start the whole process, all over again when a new situation emerges in our life.






There are a lot of very powerful ancient Indian techniques in Ayurveda, Siddha, Yoga and Tantra that help in dealing with emotions and feelings very successfully. In fact, these techniques help in reversing the effects and also empower you in working on yourself to eliminate these emotions and feelings and prevent them from manifesting themselves either consciously or subconsciously while you are dealing with life’s situations on a daily basis.

Most of the times, we are in denial of being under the influence of these emotions and symptoms. Our ego, which gives strength to our personality, uses these emotions and feelings as defense mechanisms to ward off perceived threat situations. When this happens, we automatically act out of impulse. Once we have come out of the situation successfully (according to our understanding but may not necessarily be happy with the outcome), we tend to ponder over our actions but do not seem to have the right answers. This is true to 90% of the cases I have handled over the years.

In situations such as the one indicated above and other similar situation (which do not differ very much excepting where expression of such emotions and feelings were genuinely required but became unnecessarily pronounced unconsciously), getting the person to understand the perspective of his personality type and making him/her aware of their emotional state is very important.

There are 2 types of techniques that can be adopted to get yourself out of your current situation and replace it with something more pleasant. One, is where you can work on yourself and the other more long lasting and permanent one where you resort to professional help. Both of them are briefly elaborated here for your understanding;














This part can be divided in 3 groups for the benefit of proper treatment and long lasting results. It’s not necessary that all the treatment processes in one group needs to be adopted. The discretion to adopt one or a couple of them will be taken depending on the nature of the ailments. The groups have been formed based on the elevation and the extent to which an individual has progressed both in terms of Mental, Physical as well as Spiritual health.       The highlighted portions are mandatory as a treatment process in the group!



For those who have been practicing Yoga, Taichi and other Natural methods of Psycho-physiological and other Spiritual practices and who have attained a certain level of efficiency and control.

  1. Nadi Pariksha – The Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis, the most powerful diagnostic tool (read full details in my blog which gives an immediate understanding of the dominant emotional state and also the feelings that are manifesting in an individual. This becomes the cause of all prevailing symptoms, a prognosis of which is revealed.
  2. Psychic Healing – This powerful technique is used in 2 ways;
    1. a. Psychic Face Reading: This technique allows the psychic reader to understand the aura present around the person and the expressions and contours of the face that have formed over the years because of predominant emotions that have been manifesting itself through the individual. Also, th psychic reader feels the energy and understands the place from where it is manifesting and understands the manifestation of the kind of feeling and emotion that is influencing the individual. .

b. Psychic Energy Reading: This is done by reading the chakras. This is important to perform as the chakras are powerful centers of consciousness that allow the flow of energy to the respective points in the body. The chakras are corresponding points to the glands in the human body. For example: Ajna Chakra is a corresponding point of the Pituitary gland. Bindu Chakra is a corresponding point of the Pineal Gland as well as the Medulla Oblongata. Vishuddha chakra of the Thyroid gland, Anahata Chakra of the Thymus gland, Manipura chakra of the Adrenal Glands, Swadishtana Chakra to the testicles and Ovaries and the Mooladhara chakra to the Reproductive organs.

By performing the Psychic reading, the energy in the different parts of the body is felt that will give the energy balance and the energy flow all over the body. This also indicates the working of the corresponding organs.

  1. Spiritual Healing: This is one of the most important of all treatments as it gives an intuitive perspective to solving problems. The information is sourced from a higher state of consciousness and gives a direct and yet a gentle perspective of the whole situation with suggestions to evolve to a higher dimension. Also, spiritual healing addresses the lacunae in your current vibratory frequencies and suggests remedies which elevate your vibratory frequencies to a higher dimension. you will be empowered to start sourcing your solutions to your life’s problems on your own through this higher dimension.
  2. Tantric Kriyas: These very powerful Kriyas are designed to help you achieve the following benefits and are personalized according to one’s constitution and needs;
    1. Teaches you the techniques required to still your mind and bring it to a no-thought state
    2. Teaches you the techniques for achieving the meditative state
    3. Help you attain higher states of Consciousness
    4. Balance your chakras
    5. Empower you by increasing your mental and spiritual energies
    6. Improve your ability to psychically source information required for your personal healing
    7. Initiation in higher spiritual practices for liberating one’s consciousness and attain Samadhi.



For those who possess satisfactory (but can definitely do better) health and have a disposition which ranges from aggressive towards normal but are stressed with their environments, and are looking for answers / solutions.

  1. Nadi Pariksha – The Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis, the most powerful diagnostic tool (read full details in my blog which gives an immediate understanding of the dominant emotional state and also the feelings that are manifesting in an individual. This becomes the cause of all prevailing symptoms, a prognosis of which is revealed.
  2. 2. Divine Connection – The Invisible HandThis is one of the most significant result giving therapies where an individual is directly connected to a higher source who answers all his/her questions where the initiator becomes the medium. The effort is to get genuine guidance and resort to help from a source that is not under any human influence and who can answer from a purely ethric dimension.
  3. Asanas and PranayamasAsanas are psycho-physiological postures that help in taking control over the body by unifying the breath and mind on the activity. This activity, when performed in awareness, allows for the control of the mind. The body is the only medium through which the mind expresses itself. Through these powerfully designed scientific postures, the body is silenced. While habitually, we tense our body to any thought, we give the mind a medium to express itself. While performing these postures, we shift our focus away from the body and direct the mind to express itself on to the breath. This way, harmony is achieved thereby leading to silencing of the mind.

Pranayama or control over the life force is achieved by regulating the breath. This helps in bringing all the energies to get equally distributed in the body by opening up energy channels or in other words, the nadis. By allowing Prana to flow easily, circulation of blood, nutrition and the working of the all the organs in the body is enhanced. Adequate oxygen is pumped into the body thereby allowing the cells to live longer and curtail the ageing process.

  1. Spiritual Healing: Though this is similar to the one mentioned in Group 1, this finds a more significant place here. The reason is thus; As the Body, Mind, Breath complex is silenced and state of Yoga is temporarily established, a person finds new meanings and new possibilities in existing thoughts and expressions. Yoga brings forth an altered state of consciousness and leads to a change in perceptions. An individual comes more in harmony with both his internal and external environments. There are neither disagreements nor disappointments at this stage.


For those who have problems in health and who are stressed both mentally and physically, who require to unwind and begin a new journey while performing their regular duties and responsibilities.

  1. 1. Nadi Pariksha – The Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis, the most powerful diagnostic tool (read full details in my blog which gives an immediate understanding of the dominant emotional state and also the feelings that are manifesting in an individual. This becomes the cause of all prevailing symptoms, a prognosis of which is revealed.
  2. 2. Yogic Detoxification – This is one of the most powerful detoxification sessions that are present till date. It is highly effective and very powerful. Specifically designed asanas are performed while consuming water which helps in the elimination of toxins.


During the detoxification, The Esophagus, Stomach, The Small and Large Intestines, Gall Bladder, Pancreas, Spleen and the Sinus passages are all cleansed. It helps in the effective elimination of the excess mucus membrane that causes frequent colds, and nose blocks. It clears the acids that have congested the Liver, Gall Bladder and the Stomach. It eliminates the stored up digestive juices that destroy the foods we eat and also helps in regulating the secretion of insulin by toning up the Pancreas.

The result

  1. a. Elimination of all the excessively secreted enzymes that have been released due to agitated emotional states and a stressed and strained digestive system,
  2. b. Restoration of energy flow and release of blocked energy passages (nadis) to help increase and regulate energy flow,
  3. c. Release the blockages in the Sinus passages to allow proper absorption of oxygen that is the source of Prana (The Life Force) that helps in maintaining and increasing the life of tissues thereby increasing our life span,
  4. d. Regulation of the flow of enzymes through the Gall Bladder from the Liver that helps in breaking down food into nutrients,
  5. e. A clean stomach and Small Intestine with the secretion of the right quality and quantity of digestive juices that helps in proper digestion and absorption of nutrition of the foods we eat,
  6. f. Proper secretion of insulin through the Pancreas to help break down sugar and convert it to glucose to provide us the required energy,
  7. g. Re-programming of cellular intelligence as old thought patterns and old vibratory frequencies are eliminated.
  8. h. Restoration of the Body-Mind complex that brings in a state of harmony and calmness within.



  1. 3. Asanas and PranayamasAsanas and Pranayamas performed after the Yogic Detoxification programme brings forth powerful results and helps in restoring health of both Body and Mind very quickly. The results of performing asanas and Pranayamas are even more long lasting and are curative in nature. The body is also in a position to build up immunity and is less susceptible to ailments.
  2. 4. Spiritual Healing – This has most significance as one finds a new awareness that is more subtle in nature as old understandings, old vibrations and redundant thought patterns have been successfully eliminated. The mind and consciousness is fresh and receptive to new ideas and reciprocation is instant.


With the altered state of consciousness so obtained, one is able to get the right understanding of higher spiritual realities and is able to understand his/her purpose in this life. The journey for the rest of one’s life becomes more meaningful, harmonious and relaxed.

  1. 5. Aroma Therapy – Smell carries powerful etheric vibrations that alter the emotional states in an individual. Also, by using these oils, one is able to balance one’s energies and also influence the working of the internal organs. Of course, certain other basic principles in the sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga have to be followed to get satisfactory and long lasting results.


This is the most important area for the reader. In the science of Ayurveda, Yoga, Siddha medicine and other traditional healing systems, healing is tailored to the individual.

Though it is extremely important that one is required take professional help and guidance, one can try to get help by addressing one’s issues by resorting to simpler remedies to begin with. Though these may not be powerful enough, they will give confidence in the healing power of the science from a larger perspective and one will be enthused to try to follow up for a more powerful professional mode of treatment that will provide long lasting results.

The author also encourages self help groups that can organize to hold talks and personal interactions. This makes the science more relevant to the readers and participants and gives them a fair chance to explore the science in a more in-depth manner and take full benefit out of such interactions.

Please feel free to contact or write to me in confidence on or by phone on +91-9448370066 or +91-9930753348 with regard to the problems you are facing. Remedies will be offered to you for minor ailments either though a personal consultation or through the internet, else you may need to take an appointment to consult me personally. A positive and constant interaction is required to establish a pattern to feel the results manifesting in you.


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