Karma is usually seen as an after effect of your actions form your past lives. It is seen as a baggage that you’re carrying and which needs addressing.

The jiva (who was the doer of actions) had performed some actions from his/her past, the experiences of which were not in line with his/her expectations. And there were other actions which led to a bad taste in his/her mouth.

So the jiva, now out of the body after its death, carried the impressions of dissatisfaction, guilt, remorse and other such inharmonious vibrations.

So the spirit (now the doer out of the body) looked for an ideal medium to sort out these unresolved vibrations. And the only medium was another life.

So the spirit chose a parentage, the “ideal” womb through which it could get the right environment through which it could work on its karmic baggage and attain moksha or realization.

Now,  let us come to this life. You have taken birth. You just came out of your mother’s womb.

Did you have a choice to protest that you did not want to come into this world? The answer is no. So, birth happened as a natural processes of which you are a part. The result –  “You did not have a choice in deciding your birth”.

Your past is not your concern in your current life till you are given this philosophy. Now, it is being attached to you in this life. So, you now feel burdened suddenly by this baggage you were not aware of all this while.

There is a natural law of justice that you pay for your actions.  This means if you perform any action, you are solely responsible for the consequences too as the action originated out of your understanding and need to perform it. And you enforced the will to make it happen.

Let us face a hard fact, the truth- “Your current, right now, will become your past in the future that comes, like yesterday is a past now. And tomorrow is your future.

So, if your current actions,” in the here and now ” are thoughtfully performed (with tools like your mind,  intellect, discretion and logic), then you actions will have a very harmonious feel to it. And you will accept the result as you are in total harmony with yourself and your environment.

The requirement here is that you should have accepted all the variables as they are. One truth that you need to understand here is that “you have control over your” internal environment “.  But you cannot have any control whatsoever on your external environment. You may want to try to influence it to your advantage but there is no guarantee that it will be under your control.

Here you need to understand the above this way.  If you become the perceiver and the doer of your actions, you stand to become the experiencer of the results too. So you bear the brunt of your decisions if the results are not harmonious according to your expectations.

On the other hand, if you are only a witness to your actions and do not bind either to the actions or their results, then you are free of the  consequences of the same.

So you do not carry any KARMIC BAGGAGE. According to the Karma theory, if your establish more and more harmony within you, you attain a state of complete surrender. And you accept everything as it comes.

You are now in a journey. And the decision to start the journey was not in your hand. But you have the necessary will to steer yourself from the results of the journey by performing those actions that only bring an experience of bliss as a result.

This bliss when prolonged will take you on an inward journey that connects got with you superconscious state. Now you are one with your inner self.

Self realisation is the result. And moksha is the final outcome where you are left with no karmic baggage. You now are free to merge onto a divine realm where the cycle of rebirth and death sites not exist anymore.

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