Suprabhatam 

Have you ever realised that this words means something in your life? Does it indicate, Danger, Beware, or just Be-Aware???

Caution is just bringing a pause. In every act of life, action or thought, there is a pause. This pause is natural.

This pause is instrumental to effect the change; and ‘this change everything’ – The thought flow, the perspective, the feeling, the emotion. This pause is so powerful that when you are not aware of it in time, it can radically change from your one moment of happiness to another moment of sadness to another moment of frustration and so on.

This pause is a caution given by your consciousness. Be-Aware, and if you are going from a state of happiness to either anger , frustration, greed etc – BEWARE!!

Caution is this “NEUTRAL” in your life. This neutral phase is “Being In The Moment”.

Just a perspective, even while you change gears in a vehicle, you need go through the neutral, isn’t it?

How do you achieve this ‘Neutral’?

If you remember, I had given you an exercise where I had asked you to do the following;

a. Relax your whole body.
b. Allow the tongue to settle down to the floor of the mouth
c. Relax your jaw.
d. Allow the eyes to look in any direction that is most natural
e. Just watch your breathe and not interact, guide or change the way you breathe

This way, you apply the ‘pause’, the ‘neutral’ in your life. While you are in this phase of neutrality, allow yourself to become a part of it by just observing your very own self, your experience.

Do not try to analyse or rationalise this moment, or in this moment. This is a moment where the mind is not working, it is not required to work either.

This is the phase where your consciousness is awake and alive. “You are giving yourself this privilege”.

As and when the mind is trying to awaken, “CAUTION” says your consciousness very very subtly.

Just be aware of this very subtle yet a very powerful indicator. Something is going to change this phase from your neutral. Bring your awareness back to the moment, to the way you are being, your current moment. Your awareness of your detached breathing can bring you back to the moment.

“If anything has to change, your breathe has to change before that”.

It is your choice where you want to remain; In the state of neutral which brings you Joy and empowers you to be in Joy, or any other state that can make you oscillate from becoming happy to sad to frustrated to angry and to everything else.

No external activity or disturbance, no person, no situation, circumstance or a vivd memory of your past experience can change your being in the moment.

Even when you start your vehicle, you bring it to the neutral and crank the engine, why not your life?

Start your day with this neutral, keep applying it throughout the day and bring it back to neutral before you go to bed…!

START YOU DAY IN JOY, BE IN JOY and as you retire to go to sleep… CONTINUE THE JOY πŸ™‚


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  • Ganesh
    Posted October 16, 2014 9:10 pm 0Likes

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for the subtle nudge. will do.

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