A Powerful Empowering Programme to give you the power to manifest your desires and wishes.
For the 1st time in Mumbai. From the 2nd to 4th of January 2016.
All recite mantras, irrespective of religion. These mantras contain powerful intentions wrapped in powerful words that carry powerful vibrations. 
In other words, mantras are the means to ask for a specific wish to be granted or a blessing to be obtained. 
Undoubtedly, your prayers for your wishes and hunger for blessings are strong. But – Do your mantras really work?
There is no doubt that you are at times blessed and at certain other times, you find others getting their wishes fulfilled. Without doubt, this is truly frustrating.
However, the question still remains – Why don’t you get blessed and get your wishes fulfilled every time? 
There are 4 critical questions that need you immediate and urgent attention….These very important questions are;
1. What is blocking your intent? 
2. What is preventing you from powerfully reaching out? 

3. What is weakening your strength of prayer?

4. Why are you not getting your wishes fulfilled?

Unquestionably, your prayers are very important, genuinely important, or else you would not be saying it. 
And undoubtedly, the results of the blessings you obtained were indeed life changing and must have definitely left a deep spiritual impact on you. 
So what should you do to be successful and strong in your prayers each time you reach out to the powerful Lord above?
My programme will address just that. Among a list of very powerful and most crucial points I will address, some are highlited below;
A. The programme will address powerful ways of clearing your mind of all unnecessary clutter
B. It will also help you in choosing the right mantra with the right words (Bija) that create and enhance the vibratory frequency 
C. The right way to chant the mantra to create the highest vibrations
D. The programme will teach you the most powerful techniques to connect with the divine. 
You have just got a glimpse of some of the most powerful ways as mentioned above to make your mantra chanting a truly divine and most rewarding experience. 
There are many more that you will enjoy and cherish during the programme.
Take this wonderful opportunity to charge your life and get the very best out of time you spend on your prayers, whatever time you spend is immaterial. 
Register today. It’s just a 3 day programme. You will invest just 2 hours every day, in the evenings….. And reap your desired benefits lifelong!  
NOTE: The Most powerful mantras originate from your Nadi, the internal vibratory frequency of your bio-rhythm. 
Though Nadi Pariksha, the right Bijaksharas can be formed to suit you personally. 
The new vibrations thus obtained can be altered and made powerful to give power to your mantra chanting and give you the desired results. 

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