 Suprabhatam

Our body is made of the 5 elements and we reside in it. We need to understand that the Mind-Body instrument is for us to use and not ‘get used to’.

The mind gets its instructions in the form of ‘desires’ because they are latent and hidden within the intellect. They desire an expression and we get promoted to act to satisfy the desire. And these expressions of desires are communicated through the body.

Every single vasana is a bundle of “Desire-Perception-Feeling-Emotion”. We then react to this bundle, through the body and try to bring forth the ‘perceived right expression’ to satisfy the vasana. This never ends as the perception is based on our own presumption and assumption. It’s always illusory and never real.

We must understand that we are neither the vasana, not the thought, nor the emotion.

We are neither the doer not the cause of the action. We need to be just a witness to the whole drama happening within us.

By withdrawing and not acknowledging the vasana, by not allowing guilt or anger to get the better of us, by being unaffected by either sadness or happiness, we are able to detach ourselves from these expressions. This allows us to naturally achieve a meditative state.

By yielding to the vasana, we bind ourselves in the ‘I am the doer’ expression and get entangled in the expressions themselves. Thus we begin to become limited beings and get reduced to the never ending cycle of ‘action-expectation and result’.

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