I was divinely guided to write this today. This is one of the few topics about which no one has actually written anything. This article is about a diagnostic tool that can transform your life and give you a totally new perspective of handling your life, while it unfolds a roadmap, completely and solely designed for you to stay healthy.

Nadi Pariksha is not just a diagnostic tool to asses your body’s health condition. It is a way of guiding you through your life entirely on a different plane of consciousness. And while you are in the process, it gives you a precise and unambigious way to transform your health too.


Our entire journey of our life, our health, and of our happiness starts here. Our health is determined by our state of mind. Our state of mind determines our way of perceiving our environment, people, situations etc. As we emote, we act or react as the case maybe.

The energies that we generate through our thoughts influence the environment, internal and external likewise. Externally, everyone who is around us gets a feel of our energy. When there is harmony, people are drawn to us likewise, and vice versa when we are in disharmony, we are broadcasting negativity, and people of similar vibrations are drawn to us.

Internally, our internal organs perform according to the energy we generate. They are destined to perform well or get disturbed and malfunction, completely depending on the we treat ourselves. Our organs are a part of us. They are not different from us. We are born with them. They experience what we experience.


What I am writing here is not philosophy but a fact. Our body is inert. It has life because of our soul within. Our eternal consciousness (our soul) transcends down into our body as the mind. The mind influences every smallest particle in our body. Every cell in our body resonates with the intelligence and the will of the mind. The mind is the intelligence that drives the body.

When we resonate in an ego state, we bring forth vibrations of all that we think is important to us alone. We resonate totally oblivious to our environment and try to influence the environment to our advantage. Not being able to control the external environment to our likes and dislikes, we get agitated. We get angry and upset.


Our body resonates with our emotions and reacts likewise. When we are angry, acids are pumped in excess. There is an unnecessary adrenalin rush. Lactic acid is pumped because there is a rush of aggravated emotions. Every cell of our body is resonating in anger. We become angry as a body, not mind alone. Just visualise the extent of damage we are doing not only to our body, but to our internal organs too.

Muscles use up more sugar than oxygen and start burning out. Fatigue and lethargy becomes excess. Circulatory disorders like cramps, numbness and other such ailments manifest. Acids start to corrode the internal walls of our stomach, intestines and other internal organs. Gradually, these walls are destroyed and injured leading to ulcers, tumours and then cancer.

In the case of anxiety and depression, the body reacts to the mind and its fears. Circulation becomes either erratic or very dull, leading to lymphatic blockages. Fat metabolism becomes very low. Obesity, heart ailments, acute indigestion etc cause accumulations of dead cells and these form a ball called as “Gulma” or a benign toxic substance. These rot in the body causing tumours and then cancer.

Not everyone gets cancer. Some succumb to other ailments depending on the constitution of the body and the health of the internal organs. Troubles start in the weakest site in the body. Ailments manifest there. Therefore ailments could begin from the head, our shoulders, our chest or lungs, stomach, kidneys, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, intestines…. it could be anywhere.

Externally expressions of our body’s disharmony erupt as skin disorders – eczema, psoriasis, hives, rashes etc. Hair fall, dandruff, split ends, alopaecia etc are all psychosomatic ailments. Blood pressure, low sugar metabolism, hypertension etc are psychosomatic in nature.

Unfortunately we have names of ailments for ailments associated with every organ in our body. But nobody, none of your doctors ever explained to you why these ailments occurred to you in the first place. Where and how they began, how they grew, how they manifested.


Nadi Pariksha reveals the psychophysiological state of our being. Every psychosomatic reaction in the body is mapped through Nadi Pariksha. The flow of consciousness or the influence of the mind and the body’s response to it is depicted in Nadi Pariksha.

Diagnosis happens at the level of cellular intelligence. It is mapped upwards there on towards the ailments you are currently suffering. So it is extremely important that you do not influence the Nadi Vaidya beforehand with your understanding of suffering or with pathological reports.

An accurate diagnosis of your mental and emotional states is first described. Later on a complete description of your psychological, physiological and pathological states are revealed. The diagnosis is slow, revealing to you, about you, layer by layer. The experience is profound.

If you are searching for a reference of names of ailments to match your pathological report, you may be disappointed. This is not an exercise to confirm the findings in a pathological report. If that is your motive, do not waste your time. Nadi Pariksha digs into your whole existence and brings out the truth about your life you have led so far.

The findings also reveal the kind of treatment and therapies you require to heal. A clear healing programme is drawn out for you to heal you from the root of your problems.

Ayurveda says 90 percent of our ailments are psychosomatic. Every cell, every smallest atom in our body is a particle resonating with our consciousness. Every cell is a centre of pure awareness. It is in our hands how we nurture and grow them. Either we allow ourselves and our cells to succumb to our mind and its emotions or we surrender to our consciousness in blissful union.

In the former, our cells get diseased and we suffer our ailments, inflicted upon us, by us and in the latter, we enjoy good health, radiance and Joy.


People are usually getting their reports from a pathology lab and seem satisfied with the numbered indications for their ailments as a standard operating procedure. Humanly defined parameters for understanding ailments have gross limitations. I am not discounting the science of English medicine. They have their strengths but are completely limited in diagnosis. Their medicines are harmful and induce more harm as as result of side effects.

I have seen people quoting their ailments in numbers without understanding either the significance of it or its implications which are rarely explained to them by their doctors. Some may venture to be more courageous and ask the doctor for an idea of this number. Now its the doctor’s turn to oblige and explain. In most cases, they are given a murmur as an answer or a short description of a medical terminology which they eventually byheart to tell their love ones.

What is surprising or rather intriguing is their ability to accept it as a standard protocol. Which means every one, irrespective of anything, seem to have a parameter that is standard across.

Even a simple case of blood pressure, hypertension, stomach disorder, headaches and other circulatory disorders have standard parameters as protocols. Is there any logic to it?


We are being with feelings. We are all beings who perceive, feel, emote and act. We rationalise, doubt, get angry and upset. We feel happy and sad, we are constantly searching for that elusive moment to feel an unconditional joy.

The truth is we are Spiritual beings descended into a human form. When we conform to our limitations, we embrace our limitations. When we become aware of our spiritual nature and align our awareness with of our consciousness, we become divine beings.

Understanding ourselves deeper than the obvious suffering is the key. Today our life is getting more and more complex. Standard protocols cannot understand human psyche. Nadi Pariksha begins where others have failed.


My diagnosis happens only with RAVANA NADI PARIKSHA. This is the only diagnostic tool that can completely reveal your cosmic design. It is pure medical astrology. Ravana Nadi also helps to understand the reason of your existence in this world, the purpose for which you were born and the resonance of your journey with your purpose.

The revelations help you in aligning your life purpose and your actions thereby bringing harmony in your being. The ailments and diseases can be simultaneously treated. You need to heal from within. This is true healing. Happiness and Sadness are two opposite poles of the mind. The Idea is to go beyond. The ultimate aim is to be in Joy, in pure existence. Every action should define your purpose. Every moment should be divinely guided. That should be your goal. Ravana Nadi Pariksha is your answer.


    Posted September 10, 2018 7:24 am 0Likes

    Commendable,as you introduce and apply solutions to the core,so that ailments disappear without making way for another in the form of side affects

    • admin
      Posted September 10, 2018 8:09 am 0Likes

      Thank you or your appreciation.

  • Kalpana patil
    Posted September 11, 2018 10:46 pm 0Likes

    Very important introduction !

  • Prathima Ravi Prakash
    Posted September 21, 2018 12:17 pm 0Likes

    I was amazed at the way you could pinpoint my emotional upheaval (including when too) by doing my Nadi Pariksha. You set me on the right path by your counselling, Kriya Yoga & medicines. Thank you very much Doctor.

  • Ramesh and Rohini Upadhye
    Posted October 29, 2019 3:03 pm 0Likes

    It has been our fortune to find you or should we say it was destined!!!

    We are lost in the life without finding the proper direction meant for our Prukruti, to attain the ultimate liberation. You have shown us this direction – the purpose of our existence or birth. If he mind is purified, body automatically aligns with the nature, thereby giving the best health. No medicine is effective, without an accepting mind. The corollary could probably be – no medicine is necessary for a pure mind!!!

    My dear Sir, I and my wife are looking forward to a wonderful journey of life with your direction, for which we are ever grateful to you and the lineage of Masters, for this wonderful knowledge.

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