The practice of conducting Nadi Pariksha requires a very high degree of intuition. This is achieved by a committed practice of controlling the quality and the flow of thoughts and by maintaining a constant emotion-less mind.

Silencing of mental vibrations is the key to achieving a high degree of intuitive awareness. While conducting the Nadi Pariksha, one needs to be constantly aware of all thought vibrations and ascend above it. It is not ignoring them but going beyond them. One should not be relating to one’s Body, Mind, Emotions, Thoughts or Rational / Irrational judgment. One should become a pure channel of “Conscious Awareness” that interprets the vibrations through the Nadi and communicates it as it is….

There are powerful practices in Siddha medicine and Tantra that help in stalling all internal conversations.

Internal Conversations express and authentiate one’s belief system. The ego then begins its work in safeguarding this belief system by means of an even more powerful conversation. Therefore one is torn between one’s belief system and the voice of one’s consciousness. By practicing these specific kriyas, one is able to bring in a state of perpetual calmness to one’s mind. By rigorous practice, desires are done away with which is replaced by an awareness that is a state of the absolute present… The “Here and Now”.

The intellect which is the cause of generating desires is now governed by Cosmic Consciousness. This leads to one achieving a state of mindlessness. Mindlessness is egoless-ness. One is thus transported to higher planes of consciousness automatically. All limitations of the mind are overcome effortlessly….


  • Arjuna de Silva
    Posted May 9, 2013 8:31 pm 0Likes

    Sir, what are these Tantric and Siddha practices? (I am a “kaya kalpa” (Vedantha Maharishi) practitioner and have good understanding in Tantra)

    • ayurvedantayoga
      Posted June 14, 2013 9:03 pm 0Likes

      Hello Arjuna,

      I do not think it is possible to discuss these over a blog. These practices have been passed on by my Guru to me over a 41/2 year period. To name a few, some of the practices are meant for healing as well as for rejuvenation while some are for increasing Prana, storing Prana, and ascending to higher states of consciousness in the quickest possible time.

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